What Is Microphone Array? Uses and Solutions

Today, for voice recorders, there is nothing better than to get a clear sound on the microphone. Maybe it’s a new term for most beginners what is Microphone Array. A microphone array is a way to make a device that gives a clear sound. In a normal microphone, there exists only one microphone that records your voiceHowever, due to multiple distractions and voices, a normal microphone is unable to record and present your voice clearly. But, we know that there are people who still find it hard to understand this term.

So, for those who want to know and use a micr array and do not have proper knowledge of the product, we have brought this article for you. Here we will introduce you to everything that you need to know before getting a microphone array.

From its types to the way of using, this draft will cover everything about an array. So, if you want to know more about an array, there is no better place than this one. Follow this article religiously to get solutions to your questions.

Microphone Array Defined

For voice recording, a microphone is used, but for improved voice recording and voice clarity, an array is preferred. A microphone array is a simple microphone device with various small microphones attached for better and clear voice recording with minimal distortion.

As array for microphone owns various small microphones that record your voice, the distraction is reduced, and it offers voice clarity and fine sound. A microphone array detects various sounds simultaneously, and thus when you play the sounds on a loudspeaker, they sound much clearer and easier to understand. All in all, for enhancing the voice quality and reducing distortion, a mic array is preferred.

Mic Array Types

There are a lot of types of mic arrays. However, one needs to select the right type of array depending on their needs and requirements. So, keeping in mind your demands, we will be introducing some of the most in-use types.

Dynamic Cardioid Microphone Array

If you are looking for a microphone array that offers impressive surveillance for audio applications, has fine directionality, and reduces sound distortion, then there is no better option than the Dynamic cardioid microphone array.

It is one of the easiest to operate and simplest types of arrays. The best part about these arrays is that they are finely compatible with any audio application, last for a longer duration, and do not cost your pocket a lot.

Along with it, you would love to know that this type of mic array separates your speech from another sound quite finely so that you will never feel any extra or disturbing sound in your voice clips.

Condenser Cardioid Microphone Array

For those who need a highly sensitive and easy-to-operate mic array, the Condenser cardioid microphone array is going to be your best option. In an era when conference calls and online recordings have become inevitable, Condenser, this type of array is what will help you achieve your targets.

Coming up with two back-to-back dynamic microphones, this type of micr array offers fine accuracy with no sound distortion. Also, it separates speech with other sounds so finely that you will not have to work on editing much.

Moreover, when we talk about capturing audio from an intermediate area during a conference call, this is the right type of mic array to bet on. In short, this array is easy to use, offers efficient sound recording, and its durability is unmatched. However, you must keep in mind that this type of array will cost you a bit more than other types.

Condenser Omni-Directional Microphone Array

Having a 360 voice capturing ability, a Condenser Omni-Directional Microphone Array is one of the best types of array that you can get for voice recording. This is the microphone array that professional musicians and music studio owners use for fine sound recording.

It comes up with two Omni-directional microphones that are mounted in a way that they capture voice from all directions, and this is why we call this array Condenser Omni-Directional Microphone.

Along with all this, Condenser Omni-Directional Microphone also assists while gauging and examining different types of sounds. The only thing keeping this microphone a bit low in demand is that it is made for professional musicians, and its accuracy is a bit lower than other types as it’s mostly used in soundproof rooms.

What Is a Dual Array Microphone?

A device having two or more Omni-Directional Microphones is known as dual-array microphones. They are one of the finest and most accurate types of microphones that we use for outdoor sound capturing and detecting.

A dual array microphone is usually used for monitoring outdoor sound. In a dual array microphone, there are two or more capsules mounted on a single housing that makes voice recording and detecting more accurate and precise.

Along with it, it is worth mentioning that the directionality and the voice gaining the ability of a dual array microphone is much better than other types of arrays.

What Is a Three-Mic Array?

A three mic array is when we place two mic capsules as close as physically possible. This type of mic array has an enhanced directionality, fine accuracy and records your sound with minimal distortion. The three mic array is mostly used by professional musicians for making and composing new music. These types of mix arrays are capable of recording sound from almost all directions with fine accuracy.

How to Install An Array Mic?

If you want to install an array mic, then these are the methods that you must follow. First of all, you need to open the menu bar by either clicking or tapping on it. After it, you are required to open the sound panel for further details.

Once done with it finely, you will have to open the recording panel on the sound panel. Then, turn on the microphone array menu, and after it, you will have to enable the device. This is all that you need to do to install an array mic.

How to Turn Off the Microphone Array?

For turning off the microphone array, you need to look at the taskbar and click on the sound panel. After it, you are required to click on the playback devices and then click on the recording tab. Now, you need to click on the integrated microphone array and then tab the disable icon. This is how you will be able to turn off the micr array.

Final Thoughts on Array Microphone Meaning 

If you were looking to know what a microphone array is, we are sure that you have got your answers perfectly. Above, in the article, we have defined you in detail every single thing about a microphone array. Whether it was its usage, its type of installation of a microphone, the draft has schooled you everything in detail.

For those who are looking to get their perfect mic array, this is the perfect article to go through. All in all, this draft is a must-read before betting on any kind of micr array. However, if you feel anything missing in the draft, hit us in the comment box. We would love to resolve your queries.

FAQs on Microphone Array Meaning 

What does the microphone array do?

A microphone array, while working as a regular microphone device, enhances the voice recording and offers fine-tune. A mic array uses more than two speakers that allow it to record your voice with less distortion and better accuracy.

Along with it, there are some microphone arrays that allow you to record your voice from all directions. All in all, a microphone array is simply the better version of a regular microphone.

What is the microphone array setting?

Like any other device or application, a mic array setting is used to select and adjust the type of setting you to need to do for your mic array. It allows the user to adjust the volume and voice of the mic, enhance the accuracy, and allows you to strengthen the signals of the mic. Also, through the microphone array setting, you can turn on and turn off the microphone.

What does microphone array mean in Windows 10?

All of the modern-day software and windows support microphone arrays. Like all other things, in Windows 10, a microphone array is meant as the integrated or installed microphone array that we use for conference calls and voice recordings.

Is the microphone array better?

Certainly, it is better. If you are using a regular microphone and want to shift on the microphone array, then it would indeed be a better decision. A microphone array, unlike a regular microphone, uses a lot of microphones for better sound recording and sound production. Along with it, a microphone array has the ability to record your voice with impressive accuracy and minimum distortion.

Is the microphone array my laptop mic?

Yes, it is. In old laptops, the microphone used to be a regular one. However, for many years in laptops, the normal mic is the microphone array. It allows us to record our voice finely and enhance voice and video calling. All in all, a microphone array is a laptop mic.

How do I boost my mic array? 

For this, you need to first click on the speaker icon and then click on the sound settings. After it, switch on the correct microphone and then open device properties and then enhance the microphone volume. After doing this finely, you will have to open additional device properties and then boost the microphone array. This is all you need to do to boost your mic array. 

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