How to Do ASMR Without a Mic?

Starting with the article, let me first introduce my readers to the ASMR effect. You can think of an ASMR effect like the slight sound you hear, for instance, the sound of chewing, turning pages, someone whispering, a bird flapping its wings, and many others.

Many podcasters, videographers, and professionals add the ASMR effect to enhance audio and create a more realistic effect. Such signals are difficult to record due to their low frequency, as it’s difficult for the diaphragm to pick the sounds that are lower than the working frequency of the diaphragm. To record ASMR it is necessary to have a mic, but if you don’t have a mic, then how to do ASMR without a mic?

One of the direct approaches to recording an ASMR effect is to buy an ASMR built-in microphone. Such microphones have a built-in structure to record the slightest audio signals, and their diaphragms are relatively more sensitive than the ordinary microphones available in the market.

The question that pops into the mind of an ordinary microphone user is can they create such an effect by using a simple microphone? Yes, it’s a bit tricky but possible to generate ASMR content using ordinary microphones, headphones, and even your phone.

In this article, I will help you go through the idea of creating an ASMR effect without utilizing a professional ASMR mic. So stay tuned.

What is ASMR?

ASMR is also known as Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It generates a prickly feeling down your body when you hear it. This effect can be a result of whispering, chewing, crumpling paper, or tapping can also cause it. ASMR effect is added to the audio to give it a more pleasant and close-to-actual feeling.

ASMR effect is known to be a great healer. It evokes a feeling close to euphoria in its listeners, so many videographers and professionals utilize the idea. It is just not a soothing effect for your audience, but it also elevates your popularity.

Creating an ASMR is about understanding what you want for your listener because producing an ASMR effect is a delicate job. It depends upon the directions from which the audio signals are coming, how your microphone diaphragm is picking up the audio signals, and what effect it is going to bring on the listener’s ears. It can go both ways. On the first hand, it is pleasing, but on the other, it can cause irritation and agitation in the listener.

How to Record ASMR with Android phone?

You probably would be thinking that recording an ASMR effect is a hard job. But what if I tell you it can be as simple as recording from your phone? Recording an ASMR is very much about understanding. Once you learn it, you can record the audio even on your phone. Under this heading, I will talk about “How to record ASMR with an android phone”?

  1. The first thing that you should do is to get your phone a good audio recordings app such as Audacity or Pro Tool

But I personally recommend Audacity due to its vast flexibility, user-friendly interface, and quality high-low filters.

  1. Once you get the app installed on your phone next step is setting up the phone.
  2. Make sure your mouthpiece is free of any dust or impurity that can interfere with your recording.
  3. You can either use hands-free to record the audio, or it can be obtained without using hands-free.
  4. Set the settings of your recording app to a certain threshold as the ASMR works on the threshold effect.
  5. Now keep the phone close to your mouth or the source of ASMR and record.
  6. You can edit the recording if required later on using the same apps.

How to Do ASMR With Headphones?

If I talk about the ASMR effect. You must have seen a majority of top-notch ASMR artists wearing a headphone while recording an ASMR sound.

Why is that so? That is because it helps them get their audio clearer, and they can listen as they record. But you can go the other way too. You can record your ASMR with headphones too. It may seem a bit weird to record audio using headphones because microphones and headphones go opposite ways. But here is how you can get the task done.

  1. Bring a headphone that is compatible with your phone. Usually, a headphone with a 3.5mm TRS jack does quite a good job.
  2. Install good audio software to your device, such as Audacity.
  3. Open the audio settings of your device. For desktops and laptops, you can change the input by going to the control panel. And then sound settings
  4. change your audio input to the headphones you are using
  5. Now bring your source of ASMR closer to the headphone input to record the audio.

Remember to record the ASMR through headphones the source should be kept as close to the headphone input as possible. But it should also not collide with the mouthpiece. If it does ASMR effect may not be good.

6 Set your audio recording and editing software to ASMR settings and input as a headphone

7 Record the audio. You may repeat the process if any flaw remains.

How to Do ASMR with Airpods?

Recording ASMR with the AirPods may be somewhat of a complex process to do. Because many devices do not allow the use of Airpods as audio or video recording source.

  1. For recording ASMR with Airpods, you have to get paid apps. I would recommend using the MoviePro app and the Filmicpro app. You can find both apps on the Apple store and play store, respectively.
  2. Pair your AirPods with your mobile phone. Let it be Android or iPhone.
  3. Now for the MoviePro app, click on an icon with gear. From here, you will access the settings.
  4. Now search for recorder settings, and from recorder settings, change the microphone to Bluetooth microphone.
  5. Place the source of ASMR close to your AirPods and test if it is working correctly.

For FilmicPro App, search for Audio settings. Other process remains the same in both cases.

Sometimes you may face a lag or interruption while recording the ASMR through Airpods. For the problem, I would recommend you unpair Airpods from any previously paired device. Only connect it to the gadget you are using to record the ASMR.

Here readers should also take this point into consideration, that recording a whisper or a slightly louder noise is effective with Airpods. Low audio signals such as crumpling or stroking may not be effective with Airpods.

How to Record ASMR with iPhone?

There are many approaches to recording ASMR audio through iPhone. You can either connect an external condenser or a lavalier microphone to your iPhone. This is a pretty direct method. But if I talk about recording an ASMR effect without using an external microphone just by utilizing iPhone’s own microphone. This is also possible and easy.

  1. Download an audio editing software to your iPhone as this is going to help you get more effective results.
  2. Adjust the settings of your iPhone to minimal recording levels.
  3. From the audio recording software, you may enable binaural or 3 d recording modes. As it will produce closer to reality effect in your iPhone ASMR recording
  4. If you are recording the audio as well as video for the ASMR channel. You can use two approaches. Either use Airpods to record the ASMR, as I explained in the previous sub-topic. Or you can record the audio and video separately. And then, with the help of editing software, you can compose the audio and video together.

Conclusions on How to Do ASMR without A Microphone 

ASMR is a growing genre in the field of audio. Many AMSR channels are running on different platforms. These channels are attracting a considerable audience due to the calming effect they produce on the mind and body. In the hustles and bustles of today’s life, which is a practical idea. Many podcasters and videographers are moving towards this approach.

There are many professional microphones available in the market to record the effects. If you are thinking to initiate an ASMR channel but are unable to buy a professional microphone. You can do the job with audio recording software and the built-in microphone available on your cell phone.

The only point you need to consider with the phone or any other device is putting the source closer to the built-in microphone. Recording ASMR without a professional 3 d mic may cause some lag, but you can cover the spaces while editing.

FAQs on How to Make ASMR without Microphone 

Do you need a mic to do ASMR?

A professional microphone that is specially built for recording ASMR carries fundamental importance in your studio. If you are seriously considering the idea of moving toward the ASMR genre.

Use a condenser microphone with high sensitivity levels to take your ASMR results to the next level.

How do you make ASMR eat video?

Choose an environment that is free from any external noise pollution.

Place your microphone closer to the settings where you are choosing to make an Eat ASMR. Choose a vibrant-colored food and a bright environment. It will encourage more audience.

Which Microphone is best to record ASMR?

Blue Yeti microphone is one of the microphones which is widely used in the ASMRtians community. This microphone has decent audio output quality and an easy to the user interface. Which makes it one of the best microphones to record ASMR.

Which is the best Audio recording and editing software for ASMR?

Audacity is considered one of the best audio editing and recording software. Let it be an ordinary podcast or ASMR. Its features are specially built to record ASMR that you can adjust once you get the app on your device. But producing effective results may be tricky for the first time as practice makes a man perfect.

Can You Do Asmr without A Microphone?

Technically, you can do ASMR without a microphone, but the effect may not be as pronounced or effective as when using a microphone. ASMR relies on producing subtle sounds and sensations that trigger a relaxing and pleasurable response in the listener, and a good-quality microphone can help capture those sounds more effectively. However, some people may still experience ASMR through visual triggers or other sensory experiences, even without the use of a microphone.

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