How to Connect Microphone to Xbox 360?

I am writing this article for all the video game lovers out there. If you are planning to buy an Xbox 360 as your game console then you must also wish to appoint a microphone to enhance your gaming experience.

In many cases, Microsoft headset with Xbox does not support the quality that well, and the user ends up buying a fresh one.

Here users come across two options either buy Microsoft original microphone exclusively built for Xbox(This is an expensive option) or purchase any other microphone norm to accompany you along with the go.

Pairing Xbox limited microphone is a piece of cake for Xbox.

Simply, turn on the sync button on your Xbox, and on your microphone.

Once it flickers a green beam it is an indication that your device is ready to be engaged and would be paired to Xbox. Well, it is the basic method.

In many cases, users face some obstacles while making a successful connection between Xbox and microphone which takes away much of the twist from the gaming.

In this article, I am going to wholly introduce you to the Xbox video console and how to connect a  microphone faultlessly. Join me till the end!

What is Xbox 360?

Starting with the basics, let me introduce my readers to the fundamental term which I would be oftentimes using in this article “Xbox 360”.

Many readers must be familiar with Xbox and Play stations but for the people who are beginners in the world of gaming, these are different gadgets used to play different video games. They come with video consoles where your video game is been displayed, game controllers and headsets to enjoy the sound effects along with the go.

Xbox 360 was developed by Microsoft in November 2005  under the succession of the basic model of Xbox.

Xbox 360 just like laptops and desktop computers is established upon generations, Xbox 360 is a 7th generation machine. It was built to play against its competitors sony play station and Nintendo Wii which quite successfully Xbox 360 strived.

Features of Xbox 360

Xbox introduced three different editions known as

Xbox 360

Xbox 360 comes without an HDMI cable and a 20 GB hard drive.

Xbox 360 Elite

Elite as the name suggests is a bit luxurious version of Xbox 360 that comes in a  lustrous carton and HDMI cables are also components of the package.

Xbox 360 Arcade

Coming to the Arcade version, it is a reasonable option on a limited budget but without the amenities like HDMI cable, hard drive or video elements.

But you can choose the one fitting your account afterwards, more this account, Xbox 360 comes with a video game controller, video game console, headset in luminous packaging along with a triple-core power Pc chip that acts as a processor for fast gaming.

The detachable hard drive is from 20 to 500 GB in the latest models of Xbox 360 S Memory card which is also removable, in case you are using USB storage device storage can be expanded up to 32 GB and half GB ram.

It has an audio processor with an average of 32 GB which is capable of supporting a 5.1 Dolby digital surround channel.

The best thing that users like about this edition of Xbox is that you don’t tangle along with the cords and wires as it offers wireless up to 2.4 GHz bandwidth game controllers.

You can comfortably sit in your bed and enjoy the gaming experience.

In addition to that let me mention this is an elective accessory and Xbox 360  offers you to add up to 4 different controllers at the same time.

You can also buy a Microsoft WiFi adapter to help you connect over the wireless system.

For the sake of convenience, Microsoft has built-in three USB port adapters that can be used as per requirements from using them to connect a microphone that I would be discussing later in this article to the use of digital cameras can be connected to it.

Media centre adds much fondness to the Xbox 360 as the users along with the gaming can access different movies, series, live shows by operating Netflix youtube or groove.

You can also listen to your favourite songs by using Spotify or youtube music etc. But Xbox officials declare that the media centre for Xbox 360 is no longer updated or maintained.

You would be experiencing the older version of the media centre while operating the Xbox 360 and it adds to the minus point of Xbox 360.

How to Connect XLR Microphone to Xbox 360?

Brief Introduction to XLR Microphone

Before jumping to the procedure of connecting the XLR microphone to the Xbox 360 let me illustrate some significant pieces of advice here.

When choosing a mic first thing that users need to check is its compatibility with your Xbox device.

Technically speaking, all the microphones are not compatible with your gaming console.

To give a better insight let me define the XLR microphone for the reader.

As the name indicates Xlr microphone is built up using XLR cables and gives an analogue audio signal input. Using various kinds of cables and jacks for the configuration.

Mostly high-quality mics are built up using this methodology. Well connecting the XLR microphone to your Xbox may be complicated, as Xbox does not directly support this kind of setup.

You need a PC or a laptop along with the console and a few jacks and cables too.

Working of XLR Microphone

One way to do so is as follows:

  1. Switch on your Pc or laptop.
  2. Connect your XLR mic to Pc as I explained in my earlier articles but for the new users, I am explaining briefly.

Connect your XLR to the phantom power using a cable as many xlr mics won’t be functional without it.

Now connect the USB audio interface device to your laptop or pc and the other port should be utilised to connect with the XLR mic.

Set up your audio interface device according to your XLR mic.

Now by accessing the settings, lookup for the sound settings, from here choose advanced settings, now change your input device to the microphone you are using.

Check if the arrangement is working properly. Now once you are done with the XLR and PC connection, let us move on to the next step which is the primary goal. Connecting the microphone to the Xbox.

3.Search for Xbox app on your laptop or computer. Or if not available you can install it on your device too from the website.

Disconnect all the things previously connected to the controller of your console. Such as headsets and adapters.

4. Now open the Xbox application already installed on your gadget.

5. From the menu look for the option of connected devices tab.

6.Once you approach the tab connect your Xbox to your pc.

7. Start streaming.

8. Now whenever you want to use your external XLR microphone you need to unmute it by clicking the option. As it is muted by default.

If you are not happy with the output streaming quality you can easily modify it by accessing the top right quality and then changing the streaming quality.

9. Look if the mic is working properly.

Once the connection is successful you can utilize the XLR mic for Skype, live video streaming on youtube, video gaming based podcasts and other chat options during the games.

How to Connect USB Microphone to Xbox 360?

Introduction to USB Microphone

So let’s start with the introduction to USB microphones.

USB microphone more or less acts like a USB.

Well, it does not store your data but processes it in the form of digital signals and can easily go with your gadget without the need of sn extra jacks and cables.

As I mentioned earlier XLR mics are regarded as one of the best quality mics counting in the condenser and dynamic microphone.

A USB microphone is a bit latest version of the microphone.

Good quality microphones undoubtedly work parallel to the XLR mics but an important point to note is that they should be compatible with the version of Xbox you are playing and should be of good standards, output quality may disintegrate otherwise. Enough with the introduction

Procedure to connect USB Microphone to XBOX 360

Let me take you to the procedure without wasting any further time.

If you want to access the microphone wirelessly then connecting it to the controller is always a fortunate option here is how you can do so:

1. You need to get your hands on one of the four controllers, you may not be able to sort out a USB port at first sight but a thorough analysis can help you find one 3.5 mm USB port which is an ideal one for most of the microphones without the need of an additional adapter or Pc as in the case of XLR microphone.

2.Connect your microphone to one of these adapters.

3. From the Xbox accessories settings choose controller and then configure.

4. Now by selecting the chat options from the controller settings you would come across an option called party chat here from the default option switch to party chat.

5. To modify the volume level or output you need to move left to lower the volume and to the right to boost the volume. You can use the D-pad as well as left thumbstick can also be used.

If you are ready to sit closer to the video console then plugging in directly to the Xbox can save a lot of your time without getting into further inconveniences.

Compatible Xbox 360 USB Microphones

Here to help you avoid exhausting research on compatible microphones I will sum up some of them available in the market here.

Turtle Beach Stream Mic

Turtle Beach - Universal digital USB Stream Mic - TruSpeak - Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Turtle beach microphone is considered to be the most ideal microphone which is specially built to enhance the experience of gamers.

You can use it with the Pc as well as with Mac devices. It gives an excellent studio-quality output and works on cardioid and omnidirectional polar patterns with a frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

Blue Yeti Mic

Blue Yeti USB Mic for Recording and Streaming on PC and Mac, Blue VO!CE Effects, 4 Pickup Patterns, Headphone Output and Volume Control, Mic Gain Control, Adjustable Stand, Plug and Play – Blackout

Blue yeti mics are one of the best quality USB microphones available in the market.

Coated in triple capsule and flexible Omni and bi-directional polar patterns makes it is an all-rounder for every recording and the adaptive frequency ranging between 14 Hz to 18kHz.

But at the same time users have reported slight muffling and delay in the audio output. But I regard it as a slight delay because of digital signals processing.

Final Thoughts on Xbox 360 Microphone 

Xbox game console is the most in trend video game gadget nowadays with video chatting, streaming and podcasting features. It comes with headsets that are slightly lower in quality and expensive which may not be convenient to all the users.

In the article, I tried to sum up the discussion about Xbox 360 and how to precisely connect a microphone let it be an XLR which may seem complicated to some beginners as it involves working of cables and jacks but it pays for its working.

USB microphone was also discussed in the article as it saves a lot of time and is a good start for people new to the world of gaming.

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