Which is Best? Shure 55sh vs Super 55 | An In-Depth Look

Whenever we are looking for a product to buy online. We always go for the brands that are the most popular not just because of their high prices but because of their features, durability, reliability, and excellent performance.

If you are looking to purchase a microphone you might have heard about Shure microphones. Shure offers a wide range of wireless microphones for its customers. Its microphones are quite popular on Amazon these days because of their multi-features, performance, and affordable prices.

Whether you need a microphone for recording your podcast, YouTube content, or if you are a musician and want a professional mic for recording your audio and instruments for a live performance or inside a studio, guess what? Shure has got you all backed up.

I am going to compare Shure 55sh VS Super 55. You can trust Shure when it comes to investing in a high-performance mic that can help you in recording content for a lifetime.

Apart from its amazing performance and quality, it is almost all the contemporary features to compliment your recordings. Also, one more reason why these microphones are popular is because of their price which is quite affordable. 

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Comparison table of Shure 55sh vs Super 55

ParametersShure 55shShure Super 55
468 Reviews468 Reviews
Frequency rangeThe frequency range of Shure 55sh ranges from 50 Hz to 15kHz.The frequency range of Shure Super 55 ranges from 60 Hz to 17kHZ.
Polar PatternOffers a cardioid polar pattern.Offers a super cardioid polar pattern.
ImpedanceImpedance of approximately 270 ohms.Impedance of approximately 290 ohms.
Sensitivity-58.0 dBV/pv is the sensitivity of this microphone-53.0 dBV/pv is the sensitivity of this microphone.
WeightWeighs around 1.37 lb which is approximately 0.62 kgs.Weighs around 1.45 lb which is approximately 0.66 kgs.
WarrantyWarranty of two years.Warranty of two years.

Design of Microphone

Shure 55sh
  • The Shure 55sh microphone comes in silver color which makes it quite attractive.
  • The body of the mic is designed from the 1930’s inspired microphones designs which give it quite an aesthetic look.
  • The mic weighs approximately 650 grams which is not quite heavy.
  • This mic was released in 2004 and became instantly popular after its release in the market.
  • The body of the mic is quite strong as it is quoted with metal. On the front hand of the microphone, there is a power button from which you can toggle between on and off.
  • The handle of this microphone is fixed inside the microphone body with the help of a tension swivel mechanism. At first, you will find it difficult to turn the mic away from you but with time the movement of the microphone becomes smother.
  • Comes with an adapter. Just below the metal grille, there is a foam filter.
  • There is an external pop filter available with the mic too. You can replace the foam filter with the pop filter just in case.
  • To block any outside noises an internal shock mount is also a part of this mic.
  • The overall design of this microphone is just fabulous.
Shure Super 55
  • Just like the Shure 55 the design of the Shure Super 55 is also designed like an old mic.
  • Like the new mic that is coming in the market nowadays, Shure Super 55 does not have a cone shape design but still, its old design makes it quite admirable among the musicians and podcasters.
  • Qite a vintage design.
  • Shure Super 55 is the latest model of the Shure microphone series.
  • The body of the mic is coated with zinc which makes it more admirable for the customers.
  • Super-cardioid polar pattern.
  • Its super-cardioid capsule works best when it is combined with stage monitors which are placed on the side of the microphone.
  • Also, the sensitivity of the microphone which is  -53 dBV/PV gives an output that is 5 dB more than the output of Shure 55.
  • Unlike the Shure 55, it does not have an on and off button on its front.
  • It automatically switches on when it’s plugged in which is quite actually a new innovation in the Shure series microphone because it makes live performances easier and more convenient. But at the same time would be a con too because most people are actually comfortable with an on and off button.
  • Comes in a classy black color and also includes a red windscreen that protects the capsule of the microphone.
  • Comes with a swivel mount stand on which you can easily fix the mic.

Features of Microphone

Shure 55sh
  • Shure 55sh offers a uniform cardioid polar pattern which is good at rejecting any unwanted noises from the outside.  Giving you a clear and crisp sound quality.
  • Its frequency response is quite tailored and is specifically kept in a range of 50 Hz to 15kHz so that one can record the best quality vocals.
  • This frequency range is also suitable for recording instruments, your podcasts, or for gaming and YouTube videos.
  • The chrome metal construction of this microphone protects this microphone from any kind of damage.
  • Although the design of this mic is old school, its performance is quite modern and contemporary.
  • Has shock-mounted cartilage that minimizes any transmitted sound giving you a smooth operation.
  • Comes with a swivel stand mount on with the help of which you can easily fix the mic inside.
  • This swivel stand also makes it quite convenient for you to tilt the mic forward up to 45 degrees and up to 80 degrees backward.
  • Also includes an on and off button which is a plus point as it will make it easier for the users to operate it.
  • Comes with an XLR cable 25 ft in length.
  • Can easily work with loud sounds without creating any disturbance in the sound quality.
Shure Super 55
  • Unlike Shure 55, the Shure Super 55 offers a super-cardioid polar pattern.
  • The super-cardioid pattern provides a uniform sound quality but removes any unnecessary sounds from the surroundings.
  • Polar pattern also produces enough pressure on the diaphragm to create a positive voltage.
  • Just like the Shure 55sh the frequency of Super 55 ranges from 60kHz to 17kHz for giving a natural and crystal-clear sound quality.
  • It has a zinc and metal coating on its body which protects it from any damage making the quality of the mic reliable and durable.
  • Comes with a zipper storage bag. In case you need to travel or have to take the microphone for the outside recording you can easily carry it inside the bag. this bag will protect it from damage while you carry it with you.
  • This mic has an old vintage and classy design combined with modern and up to date performance with all the features specially designed keeping in mind the contemporary specifications.
  • This dual feature of the mic is what attracts the customers in purchasing this mic.
  • It has a blue foam windscreen that helps to protect the capsule of the mic against any moisture, dust, and damage from the outside.
  • This microphone is best for both studio and lives performances.

Performance of Microphone

Despite that, both microphones, Shure 55sh and Super 55 are excellent in terms of their design and features but it is actually the performance of the microphone that makes it number one among its customers and in the market.

Shure 55sh
  • Dynamic microphone. We can say that the reason why this mic is so famous nowadays is because of its good performance that ensures quality sound.
  • Although the frequency response is specially designed to record vocals, this microphone is actually pretty good at recording instruments.
  • One can also use it for online streaming, gaming, and recording podcasts.
  • Besides recording this microphone is also good at providing clear and crisp sound quality.
  • No matter if you are recording vocals or instruments, performing in a studio, or live the sound quality of the microphone would not be affected.
  • In its sound recording performance, the legendary microphone of the Shure series is Shure SM58.
  • Also, this microphone performs quite well in blocking or rejecting any outside noise because of its noise-reducing features such as a shock mount.
Shure Super 55
  • Shure Super 55 is a super-cardioid dynamic mic. Just like Shure 55sh, we found that Super 55 is also good at its performance.
  • It has a tailored frequency range that is specially designed to catch natural sounds even if the vocals are too loud and high this mic will end up giving you a good quality sound.
  • Its off-axis rejection and high gain before feedback are just excellent. 
  • The swivel mount stand helps you to fix the microphone inside it. You can also rotate the mic backward and forward and it won’t disturb the sound quality.
  • Some users suggested that one should keep their mouth at least 6 feet away from the capsule to get excellent quality of sound.
  • This microphone has a vintage design but its performance and all the features are up to date.
  • It has shock-mounted cartilage that rejects any unwanted noises from outside giving you crystal clear sound output.
  • This microphone does not come with an on and off button which some users found it actually bad because according to them during the live performance it was unable to avoid the surrounding noises and that altered the sound quality a bit.
  • But apart from this, the microphone is ideal for studio use or recording podcasts and YouTube videos.

Shure 55SH Series ii vs Super 55 | Similarities and Differences

Similarities between Shure 55sh and Super 55

  • Both of these microphones belong to the Shure series 55.
  • These microphones are designed to keep the old school microphones in mind.
  • They have a classy and vintage design.
  • These mics will definitely remind you of the famous Elvis microphone.  
  • Both of these mics are dynamic and have up to date features despite an old design.
  • They both come in silver color.
  • These microphone looks identical and also, they come in the same price range of the sure series microphone series.
  • They have a chrome-plated coating on the body of their capsules.
  • Both these microphones are equipped with shock-mounted cartilage which minimizes any vibration during the recording.
  • They both also include a swivel mount stand which not only keeps the mics in place but also helps you to move the microphones85 degrees backward and 45 degrees forward.

Shure Super 55 vs SM58, The Differences Between

Although both of these microphones look identical because of their vintage design and also that they belong to the same family of Shure microphones.

They both have a lot of differences between them as well. A few of the prominent differences are discussed below.

Polar Pattern

Both of these microphones offer different polar patterns. The Shure 55sh offers a cardioid polar pattern while the Shure Super 55 offers a Super cardioid Polar pattern.

Frequency Range

Shure 55sh comes with a frequency range of 50Hz to 15Khz meanwhile the frequency response of the Shure Super 55 ranges from 60Hz to 17kHz.

The frequency of Shure 55sh is specially tailored to become compatible for recording speech, vocals, and instruments.

While the frequency response of Shure Super 55 is tailored in recording natural sounds for speech and vocals.

Operation Buttons

The Shure 55sh comes with on and off buttons which are located at the handle of the microphone. Whereas the Shure Super 55 does not come with the on and off button.


They both have a vintage design and come in silver color but the Super 55 includes blue color in its windscreen.


Although these mics are not highly expensive as compared to the Shure 55sh the Shure Super 55 is a bit more expensive in price.


They both include a windscreen to protect the capsule of the mic but the Shure Super 55 includes a zipper bag to carry the mic while you take it outside with you while Shure 55sh does not come with a bag.

Pros and cons of Shure 55sh

  • Has a vintage and classy design.
  • Comes with an on and off button which makes it easier for the users to operate it.
  • It is a dynamic mic.
  • All the contemporary features.
  • Does not require any phantom power.
  • Its off-axis rejection is quite excellent we must say.
  • Provides crystal clear sound output.
  • The frequency range is tailored to record instruments and vocals.
  • Can be used both inside and outside the studio for live performances as well.
  • Comes with a shock mount cartilage.
  • Also includes a swivel mount stands to fix the mic inside.
  • It has a durable build.
  • Less in price than the Shure Super 55. 
  • The size of this mic is actually quite heavy.
  • Has some conventional features.
  • One can face plosives and pop-ups sometimes.

Pros and Cons of Shure Super 55

  • Offers a super-cardioid polar pattern which helps in rejecting any unwanted outside noises.
  • Its frequency is tailored specifically to record audios and vocals.
  • Comes with a zipper bag for protecting the mic in case you need to carry it around.
  • Has a chrome-plated die casting to protect the body of the mic.
  • Comes with a blue-colored windscreen to protect the capsule.
  • Includes a swivel mount stand that can be easily rotated 45 degrees forward and 80 degrees backward.
  • Does not require any phantom power.
  • Dynamic mic with durable and versatile design and features.
  • Does not include an on and off button.
  • It is actually a bit heavy in size.
  • Expensive in terms of price.

Conclusion on Shure SH55 vs Super 55 

No doubt both of these microphones are quite famous and popular in the market for a number of multiple reasons. If you are a fan of aesthetic and vintage-designed mic or if you are a fan of Elvis Presley then we recommend you to get your hands on these two beauties. We bet you would not regret buying any of these.

The brand Shure is already a renowned brand in the market which keeps on coming with innovative and versatile design mic every now and then to keep its customers attractive. Over the years they have created a huge fan following for their mic series.

If you are a beginner and you want to give a professional look to your videos while you record your audios then you should definitely get this microphone. Also, these microphones are just amazing to record podcasts, youtube videos, performing live, or recording vocals inside the studio.

You can also use these mics for recording home videos. We found both these mics pretty good in terms of their performances. But if you are looking for a more up-to-date mic then we will recommend you to get your hands-on Shure Super 55 as it is a more modern mic in terms of its features as compared to the Shure 55sh which is a bit conventional compared to it.

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