How to Record Binaural Audio? An In-Depth Guide

Today, almost all musicians want to record binaural audio music. Getting a song covered in 3D stereo is the demand of the public, but it is not as easy as it looks. So, do you also want to record binaural audio? If yes, this is the article for you. Here we’ll introduce you in detail to how to record binaural audio.

From the very basics to the core of this technology, we are going to introduce you to everything that you need to know for mastering this technique. Below is the article; we will first introduce you to all the basic and advanced aspects of this amazing technique of recording music. After it, we will offer you some quick tips and tricks to record binaural audio.

Along with it, we will also school you to record binaural audio on the phone. All in all, here will be teaching you everything about binaural audio. So, if you want to master the technique of recording binaural audio, follow the draft religiously.

Binaural Audio Defined

Binaural audio recording is the art of recording your voice or music video in a way that users get the best experience. It allows the listener to hear their favorite music in 3D stereo so that they can feel like listening to the music live as if they are standing in a live concert.

To record such music, two or more microphones are used that create an illusion for the listener and break the audio in a synchronized way between the two ears. However, it is necessary to enjoy this kind of music; you need to have your earphones on to enhance the experience. 

It is also worth mentioning that this technique is not as new as it looks. The binaural audio recording method has been in use for years for radio broadcasting, and it was first put in use in the year 1881. However, today, we are utilizing this method to create a 3D stereo sound to allow the user to enjoy their music in 3D.

While listening to binaural audio, our brain interprets two different types of music and divides it finely between our two years, and we only listen to what we are supposed to. This way, sometimes the resonance is more on the right side of our body and vice-versa. It allows us to feel like we are enjoying a live concert or a music album is being recorded in front of us.

How to Record Binaural Audio?

Well, recording binaural audio is not as hard as it looks. Though it is a bit more technical than normal recording, you can do it with a bit of extra effort. So, follow the below-given steps to learn how to record binaural audio.

First of all, what you need to do is find a room or a studio that can offer you the highest possible acoustics. You must keep in mind that uninterrupted sound provision with high resonance is the key for binaural audio recording. So, you need to get into a studio that can offer you the highest levels of acoustics.

After that, what you need to do is take two similar microphones and place them close to each other, facing away. You need to ensure that the microphones are facing away from each other and they are at the closest possible distance.

For this, you can either use a binaural audio recording dummy head or do it as you want to if you have no dummy head. We also suggest you get a stand or tripod to keep your microphones stationary as even a minor movement can destroy the recording.

Third, you will need to have a proper binaural audio recording app installed that will allow you to set the right stereo while recording. If you are a professional, then you might not require an app, but we suggest you have a binaural audio recording app.

Once done with all this finely, you need to ensure that while you are playing back your recording, they are incorrect format. Because the format is disturbed, your recording will not be as you wanted it to be.

If everything is in order, then you’re good to record, and we assure you that following these methods will allow you to record binaural audio in the finest way possible.

Where and Why to Use Binaural Audio?

There are a lot of industries, including film, gaming, and others, where we use binaural audio. But, the most important industry where this method is used is the music industry. Today, almost all of the songs produced are either created using binaural audio in the first place, or they are recreated for enhancing user experience.

The music industry is the reason why binaural audio is gaining too much attention these days. The reason why we use binaural audio is that it is the most attractive form of listening to music. It allows you to enjoy your music in 3D stereo that creates a real-life feeling of hearing that music. So, the place where binaural audio is used the most is the music industry, and it is used to enhance the user experience.

Quick Tips to Record Binaural Audio

There’re a lot of ways and means to record binaural audio music. But, the best ways are still unknown to most of us. So, for your ease, below, we will be providing some quick and efficient tips for recording this form of music.

First, you need to get a proper mic and then set the pattern of recording in an omnidirectional way. It enhances the 3D stereo.

Secondly, keep in mind that you can never record binaural audio in stereo. We record normal music in stereo, and binaural audio is recorded in mono so that the music can be divided finely between the two ears of the user.

Lastly, you need to get a room for recording that has no sound, or we suggest you record in a proper studio.

Techniques to Record Binaural Audio

A lot of techniques are used for binaural audio recording. Some work for us and some of them are just a waste of time. So, below we have introduced some of the most useful forms of techniques for binaural audio recording.

By Using Binaural Stereo Microphones

You must have heard about this amazing instrument. But, if not, let us inform you. A binaural stereo microphone is an unconventional type of microphone that is designed with two prosthetic human ears that come up with embedded microphone capsules.

Getting a microphone for binaural audio recording allows you to avoid other hectic tasks for placing and adjusting the microphones. It is all set, and you only need to record once you have this gadget.

A Binaural Dummy Head

A binaural head dummy is the most efficient way of recording this type of music. We all know that the placement of a microphone is the most important thing while recording such music. So, if you want to avoid the hectic work, what we suggest is to get a binaural head dummy.

It is designed like a human head, and you can easily place your microphone on it. It will not shake, and you will also know the exact position of your microphone.

Below we will also be linking the perfect head dummy that will allow you to record binaural audio with ease.

Combination of Both Methods

If you want to enhance the recording performance, then it would help if you combined the above-given method for binaural audio recording. It would not only reduce your steps, but it would also allow you to combine the beats of your binaural music with ease. Along with it, doing this will reduce the time duration of your recording.

Try using your mobile phones

If you have no professional setup for recording binaural audio and do not also want to spend money on getting such things, we have the solution for you. For this, what you need is two mobile phones of two audio recording devices. Place them on a plain table while their microphones face each other at a distance of 7 inches.

After it starts recording to both of these devices at the same time. Now, once you are done with recording. What you need to do is get audio editing software. If you need a free one, download audacity. Now import both of these files to the software and merge them. Convert the settings from stereo recording to mono. Now select the left and right channels and you will be done with your binaural audio recording.

Binaural Recording Equipment

For recording binaural audio music, it is necessary to have binaural audio equipment. So, below we will be introducing you to some of the most in-use equipment.

Zoom H3-VR 360° Audio Recorder

If you are in search of a proper binaural audio recorder, this is the perfect bet for you. With four built-in mic and four channels, the Zoom H3-VR 360° Audio Recorder is the perfect audio recorder you may have. Along with it, this recorder offers an auto mic position detector for perfect positioning.

Sennheiser AMBEO Smart Headset

For those who are looking for a headset for enjoying great music and recording binaural audio, the Sennheiser AMBEO Smart Headset is the perfect match for them. It allows you to listen to clear music and offers fine binaural audio recording. Due to its wired connection, the thing that you must not worry about is the clarity of the sound. It is durable, compatible, and easy to carry.

How to Record Binaural Audio in Audacity?

For this, you need to first download audacity. After doing it successfully, you are required to create the base tone for either side of the mic.

Once done with it, you will have to generate the left stereo channel. After it, you need to generate the other or the second tone. Now, you need to create the right stereo channel for the other side of the listener. Lastly, you need to export your beats and tones, and you are done recording binaural music using audacity.

How to Record Binaural Audio on The Phone?

Recording binaural audio is one of the most difficult, yet most of us demand to learn this. So, for recording 3D audio through your phone, you need three things. A headphone jack point as the first channel, a Bluetooth mix as the second channel, and a supportive app. Combine all of them, and you are good to start your binaural audio recording.

How Do I Record Binaural Audio on Android?

If you want to record binaural audio or 3D audio on your phone, you need to have two recording channels. The first channel will be the headphone jack of the phone that you are using. It will work as a mono channel. For the second channel, you can either use a USB microphone or a Bluetooth microphone that will allow you to create the 3D stereo. It will allow you to record 3D audio with the help of a USB or Bluetooth on an Android phone.

Also, you would require a professional app that can transform your headphones into 3D audio microphones.

How to Record Binaural Audio on iPhone?

On an iPhone, things will be as similar to an android phone. What you need to do is use your headphone jack as the first channel. USE a wireless microphone as your second channel and download the same app you downloaded for Android only if it supports IOS. You can also get other apps for your IOS device too. Repeat the method, and you will be able to record.

FAQs on Record Binaural Sound

How can I make my microphone Binaural?

You will have to use two similar microphones. Place them as close as you can. Face them away from each other, and you will be able to transform your microphones into binaural. If you are talking about a mobile mic, then for this, you will need to have a separate external mic too. With its help of it, you will be able to convert or make your microphone binaural.

Can binaural beats harm you?

No, they will not. They are as similar to normal beats. However, as you now know that binaural beats will not harm you, we suggest you do not use higher tonal levels. A high music tone can always harm you, no matter what type of music you are listening to. So, take care of the tone of the music, and it will never harm you.

Can you make your own binaural beats?

Yes, you can. It’s possible to create your own binaural beats. For this, you need to have a binaural recording setup, and while creating and producing the beats in the studio, you need to utilize this setup for making your own binaural beats as you use it to convert normal music into binaural.

How are binaural recordings made?

As discussed above, for making binaural recordings, you will require two microphones placed close to each other while facing away. Place them in a high acoustic room, make no movements, and start your binaural recording. Also, keep in mind the stereo and always keep it on the right notes.

Final Thoughts on Record Binaural Audio

In conclusion, it’ll not be incorrect to say that above we have informed you about all the possible ways and means to help you understand how to record binaural audio. In this article, we have left no stone unturned to allow you to understand the finest way to record 3D audio.

We have schooled you about some of the most crucial tips and tricks to record such types of audio. The article also introduced you to the industry and where to use such audiotapes. In the end, we talked about using different channels to record binaural audio at home.

So, anyone who has been through the article finely knows well how they will be recording their next 3D audio. However, if you feel any issues, let us know. We would like to assist you all the time.

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