Best Microphone For Recording Nature Sounds

Recording nature and its Beautiful Scenes is always a trend. But you face a problem in recording natural sounds when there is a lot of external unwanted noise that hindrance the recording.

So what are some of the top mics which are used for this purpose? 

In this article, I have enlisted 4 top-notch quality mics of trustworthy brands to assist you people get any of them for you. 

I have gathered them after great research. I have found that Mics with pop filter perform better in the outer environment, as a result, you get a more clear and crisp sound recording.

If you want a quick view of the top Choices then have a look at the table.

To know the details of each mic one by one with complete information like their description, features, pros, and cons, scroll down the article.

Our Top Pick Microphones for Recording Nature Sounds


Shure SM7B Vocal Dynamic Microphone for Broadcast, Podcast & Recording, XLR Studio Mic for Music & Speech, Wide-Range Frequency, Warm & Smooth Sound, Rugged Construction, Detachable Windscreen - Black

Shure SM7B Microphone

  • Unidirectional
  • XLR Connectivity
  • Wind Screen Included

Rode NT1-A Anniversary Vocal Cardioid Condenser Microphone Package

Rode NT1-A Microphone

  • Unidirectional
  • Wired Connectivity
  • Pop Filter Included

sE Electronics - X1 Series Condenser Microphone and Clip

SE Electronics X1  Microphone

  • Unidirectional
  • XLR Connectivity
  • High Pass Filter Included

1. Shure SM58-S-Best Handheld Microphone for Nature Sounds

Shure SM58-S Microphone Bundle with on/off Switch, clip and pouch, MIC Boom Stand and XLR Cable

Let us introduce you to our first greater pinnacle top-rate mic of Shure emblem excellent for recording nature, Shure SM 58-S

Shure is one of the maximum popular, creditable creators of microphones. Their mics aren’t the simplest of the excellent first-rate however are budget-pleasant too.

The excellent overall performance of the Shure SM58-S makes it one of the maximum preferred microphones of recorders, tune producers, streamers, and vocalists.

The Shure SM58-S Dynamic Vocal Microphone gives a circumspectly tuned recurrence carry to round 4000Hz for smooth, velvety vocals that grasp out withinside the blend.

The Shure SM58-S Microphone is extensively considered to record natural sounds because it produces quality sound.

Besides the mic is intended for talented vocal use to enhance the effect of natural sceneries.

On top of all this, the Shure SM58-S dynamic vocal mouthpiece makes use of an extremely effective inherent round channel that limits wind and effect commotion.

The SM58-S’s custom-designed voice response is a fantastic sound that has gotten an international norm.

It tends to provide first-rate sound accordingly charming the target market heed in the direction of itself.

Hence, this worth mic is a multi-practical mic and excellent appropriate for recording nature. As it offers a long time battery to recording and is very dependable and sturdy in phrases of usage.

The mic will work with you giving you extremely good results. 

 Features of Shure SM58-S Microphone

  • Cardioid polar pattern.
  • Provides the frequency response of 50Hz to 15KHz.
  • Lightweight, almost 0.661lbs.
  • 6.3 inches long and 2 inches wide.
  • Protective carrying case and a stand adapter.
  • Handles the unbelievable amount of pressure.
  • Built-in pop filter that provides smooth and natural sound.
  • on/off switch.
  • Shatterproof microphone.
  • Low-priced product.
  • Overall, the sound quality is good.
  • Consistent product.
  • Easy to handle and carry.
  • Comes with a stand adapter.
  • Very reliable and durable mic.
  • The microphone is handheld, which can be an issue for some users.

2. Rode NT1-A Best Condenser Microphone for Nature Sounds

Rode NT1-A Anniversary Vocal Cardioid Condenser Microphone Package

The next great and worthy mic in our list belongs to the Rode family.

As the Rode logo has a historical call within the Microphone marketplace. The newly designed production of Rode that is an NT1-A Cardioid Condenser mic, is constructed with top-rate pleasant stand-layout for that reason supplying you with ultra-connectivity and power-kind sensors.

It is the first-rate preference for its customers because it tends to offer you High-pleasant sound subsequently first-rate for recording nature.

You will get a unique result with it and you will enjoy its vast and smooth frequency response ranging from 20Hz – 20kHz.

Besides all of its best qualities, this mic has a fats compatibility with PC/Mac/IPad. Rode NT1-A Microphone is a really perfect accomplice for diverse customers particularly for recorders, thus giving the maximum correct and herbal tones in top-pleasant sound.

We can say that Rode is a top brand to be incredibly endorsed and used.

The Microphone is an integrated stereotype silver-aluminum steel capsule and you will discover it the accomplice of your projects.

Besides, the Microphone is designed with great features and long-lasting battery life.

It will help you record every minute of natural sounds that can enhance your recordings.

On top of all this, the mic is cost-effective. Just grasp this first-rate possibility now.

 Features of Rode NT1-A Microphone

  • High-class studio mic with the practicality of USB connectivity.
  • The Cable is providing microphone length, which is when you are ideal-distanced from Microphone.
  • Explode defense; desk stands on a tripod, ring stand, storage bag, and 6m (20ft) USB Cable integrated.
  • Frequency response ranges from 20Hz – 20kHz.
  • 3.5mm stereo earphone jack for roam-free monitoring.
  • Direct mix power among mic input and font output.
  • Well-matched with Apple iPad.
  • Well suitable for various other purposes.
  • Produce premium quality sound.
  • High-audio range quality.
  • Very reliable, durable, and sturdy mic.
  • Extraordinary in its performance and hence very cost-effective.
  • When the gain-set of the mic is too high, the sensors might damage.
  • You firstly need to know how to adjust it, then you would be able to use it.

3. Shure SM7B Best XLR Microphone for Nature Sounds

Shure SM7B Vocal Dynamic Microphone for Broadcast, Podcast & Recording, XLR Studio Mic for Music & Speech, Wide-Range Frequency, Warm & Smooth Sound, Rugged Construction, Detachable Windscreen - Black

The Shure SM7B is another best and top-rate mic for recording nature and also very different from all the other microphones in this article.

It is a studio-grade beneficiary diagnosed mic round the sector well known for its premium sound quality which enables it to capture wealthy natural sound.

Shure mics have served their exceptional in nearly all of the fields however its most important contribution may be visible withinside the nature recordings and also other types of recordings.

As far as the features of the mic are concerned, it is an XLR mic that calls for a preamp earlier than you may relate it in your device for natural sounds recordings.

The Shure SM7B probably might not be the prettiest mic in this once-over, but its nearly all sounds are exceptional.

In case you’re critical approximately voice get and certainly have exceptional quality, this mic is well-desirable for you.

You can use it for plenty of functions and the outcomes are awesome.

This great and unique mic is designed with a massive and complete frequency reaction of 50 Hz to 20 kHz and weighs the handiest 0.764 kg

SM7B is a multi-purposeful mic that you may use for numerous functions however you’ll get exceptional outcomes in recording nature.

It additionally has a strong Cardioid Polar sample to make it a brilliant mic.

Moreover, it has a 150 ohms impedance output and a sensitivity of 1 kHz. So you may get the concept of ways that how dependable and sturdy a mic is.

The microphone’s sound refusal capabilities make it an outstanding option for recording nature. Hence we can propose you pass for this mic as it’s far ready with all of the exceptional features. 

Features Shure SM7B Microphone

  • Frequency response ranges from 50 Hz to 20 kHz.
  • Cardioid Polar Pattern.
  • 150 ohms impedance output.
  • Sensitivity of 1 kHz. 
  • The product weighs only 0.764 kg.
  • XLR mic that requires a preamp before you can relate it to your machine.
  •  Fine for recording natural sounds.
  • Designed with an attractive chic paperweight.
  • Spatial relation polar pattern.
  • Moisture-proof mic and transmitter.
  • Moorage system and reversible battery life.
  • The microphone’s sound refusal capabilities make it an outstanding option for recording nature.
  • The mic does not stand out in any other use.
  • The sound quality is not too good.

4. Sennheiser MD 421 II- BestDynamic Microphone for Nature Sounds

Sennheiser MD 421 II Cardioid Dynamic Mic

Sennheiser is the top-notch quality brand to be trusted.

The brand tends to offer a huge spectrum of vocal microphones in specific patterns or programs for various forms of overall performances.

However, it’s far properly applicable for recording nature. One of its mics Sennheiser MD 421 II is the top-ranked mic mostly used to record natural sounds.

It is likewise taken into consideration a perfect microphone for recordings, singing, podcasting, broadcasting, studio use, etc.

The mic tends to work on electric-powered guitar, drums, bass, percussion, and nearly anything. Despite this, it gives a clean natural, and first-class sound, as it has an incredible sound production.

It works also fantastically on a louder instrument.

The Sennheiser MD42 II is a unidirectional voiced microphone that intends for professional use for nature recording with the right strengthening, and a studio soundtrack.

It is best for recording nature because it is notably designed and incorporated to minimize the “pop” sound of wind and breath.

In addition to this, the famous Sennheiser MD42 II is a top vocal microphone used to emphasize the warm temperature and readability of direct and backing sounds thus enhancing the natural sounds.

Due to its top-rated overall performance, it’s far nevertheless the pinnacle preference of all of the customers in particular for recoding nature. So don’t miss the chance.

Go and catch this opportunity now. 

Features of Sennheiser MD42 II Microphone

  • Provides the best frequency response from 30Hz to 17KHz, which provides a better focus and clean and clear sound capture.
  • Cardioid polar pattern, which helps it block unnecessary nearby sounds.
  • Sensitive in nature thus helps to record louder instruments.
  • 100 ohms impedance level.
  • Maximum SPL level of -10 dB.
  • Five-position bass roll-off switch. 
  •  Provides effective feedback rejection.
  • Clear sound production.
  • The mic can be easily handled due to pronounced directivity.
  • It has a polished steel basket and glass composite capsule.
  • Well-manufactured and durable product.
  • Provides high SPL handling.
  • Comes with five-position bass roll-off switching.
  • Very multifunctional.
  • Though a professional quality microphone is expensive.
  • Does not come with additional accessories.

5. MAONO AU-903-Best Standing Microphone for Nature Sounds

Computer Microphone MAONO AU-903 Podcast USB Condenser Mic with Switchable Polar Patterns & Mute Button,Zero-Latency Monitoring,Plug and Play for Recording,YouTube,Podcast,Gaming,Skype,Video

 The next great mic in this article is MAONO AU-903.

This brand is most of the pinnacle manufacturers supplying the nice pleasant expert microphones.

MAONO merchandise isn’t most effective long-lasting but also very reasonably priced too.

MAONO AU-903 microphone is necessary to mention in the list as it plays important role in providing the best results in recording nature and also can be used for lots other different purposes.

The outstanding aggregate of nice performance, fashionable outlook, and well-based hardware make MAONO AU-903 the nice microphone for recording nature.

The mic has a low-mass side-steer diaphragm with a cardioid polar version to reject atmosphere and noise.

Its linear frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz permits it the ability to record every minute natural sound from in-depth variety accurately.

Besides this, the High SPL processing and wide, colorful variety allow this mic to seize effective indicators with minimum noise and bend.

The microphone consists of a threaded swivel mount for unique positioning.

At the peak of all this, the mic has suitable battery timing and occasional sensitivity to reduce background noise and consequently making it appropriate for nature recording.

The mic is present with great features at a reasonable price. So we incredibly advise you to strive for it once.

Features of MAONO AU-903 Microphone

  • Frequency Response of 20Hz-20KHz.
  • Multi-functional mic. 
  • Polar patterns to give you the best recording experiences.
  • 150 ohms of impedance output. 
  • 8 hours of battery timing.        
  • High SPL of 128 dB. 
  •  Vintage body styling with champagne finish
  • Easy set up to be used by everyone.
  • Stylishly designed.
  • Clear voice recording.
  • Excellent to work with XLR power.
  • Value price-easy to buy.
  • Adjustable Frequency high/low mode.
  • No extra noises.
  •  Not designed to be used with mobile phones and tablets.
  • Unable to work with Mac.

How to Choose the Best Microphone For Recording Nature Sounds?

Before going deep into the article, we want you people to become familiar with some of the essential points that make up the top mics for recording nature. They are:

1. Sensitivity

The sensitivity range of the mic is always an important thing to consider. The mics for recording nature must be having a great sensitivity to the focused and desired sound.

The mics should be capable enough to show sensitivity towards the sound it is producing. Only in this way the sound would be captivating and effecting to record nature.

2.Crystal clear sound

The mics which are produce crystal clear sound is best for recording nature so always go for those mics which produce a crisp and clear sound.

If you compromise on the quality of sound, then you won’t expect that audience will ever listen to you.

You need to go for those mics which are having an effective sound quality to reveal the natural sound. 

3. Environment

The mics which can reduce background noise are best for recording nature.

These types of mics are always worth nature because they tend to produce premium quality sound thus reducing irrelevant background noise.

4. Easy to use

The mics which you are going to use for recording nature should be designed with an easy and friendly set-up.

This will aid you to work effortlessly. If you are having a mic which a complex setup, you will have difficulty using it to record natural sounds.

Also, it may stop working in the middle of your way and you would be unable to solve its complex setup.

Final Lines on Best Microphone to Record Nature Sounds 

So, guys, we have finally listed the top-ranked 4 mics used for recording nature.

Although you can find these mics useful for other purposes as well majorly these mics are used for recordings.

They are recommended for nature recording because they tend to produce quality sound and thus giving the best results to record every minute of natural sound.

The mics are enlisted after doing vast research on them and keeping in mind what makes them extraordinary to be best used for recording nature.

Almost all the mics belong to different brands and they all have different prices as well.

But all of them are designed with a great number of features that make them well-suited for recording nature.

All of them are the best in their performances and speaks for themselves. You can order what meets your requirements and pocket because all of them belong to trustworthy brands.

However, I can recommend you three top mics among the above-enlisted mics which are extremely very good. They are:

1- Shure SM7B Microphone 

2- Rode NT1-A Microphone

3- SE Electronics X1 Microphone

These three mics are the top-notch quality mics used for recording nature.

They are very reliable, durable, and trustworthy mics.

They are designed with the best combination of features that make them extraordinary in performance and design.

You will never find such great mics like them again. So go and order the mic which your think is best designed for your requirements and pocket range.

FAQs on The Best Mic for Recording Nature Sounds 

Which mics are good for recording nature?

There are three types of mics available in the market. These are condenser mics, dynamic mics, and ribbon mics.

Most musicians or singers prefer using a condenser and dynamic mics due to their features and specifications.

All these mics are designed differently and are used for different purposes. To record the nature, we will recommend you to choose a dynamic mic since they more are resistant to the outdoor environment.

Can I use a condenser mic for recording nature?

Yes, you can use a condenser mic for recording outdoors or in nature.

The best thing about condenser mics is that they respond linearly to all frequencies, unlike dynamic mics.

They are also more sensitive to the surrounding sounds.

But you have to be extra careful with them while working outside as they are not very resistant to moisture and humidity so you have to make sure you are using a pop filter etc. 

Are ribbon mics good for recording nature?

Well, ribbon mics are quite amazing at capturing the ambiance or natural sounds of a room or any other place.

They use the figure 8 polar pattern which is quite good at recording the sounds from both front and background meanwhile ignoring the sounds from the sides.

Although they capture the warmest and natural sounds these mics are not meant to be used outdoors because they are not very resistant to winds or other environmental conditions.

So, we will not recommend ribbon mics for recording outside.

Which polar pattern will work best for recording nature?

Polar patterns and pick-up patterns are very important features of a mic.

These are the parts that are going to detect how the sound is going to be captured inside the mic.

There are various polar patterns and all-capture sounds from different positions and directions.

We will recommend you guys to use an omnidirectional polar pattern for recording nature.

Because this polar pattern captures sounds from all directions and thus gives a natural sound output.

Does the size of a diaphragm matter while recording in nature?

Yes, the size of a diaphragm matters to some extent only if you are using a condenser microphone.

Because only the condenser mics come in two different diaphragm sizes one is small and the other one is large.

Both small and large-diaphragm have their features, uses, and pros and cons.

To compare both small diaphragms have more high frequencies, have consistent polar patterns, and can follow the sound waves with more accuracy.

Which features should we consider before getting a mic for recording nature?

You will find many good and versatile mics in the market that too of good and popular brands.

But to make sure you are getting your hands on the best one you have to first identify your needs and requirements.

For recording nature, the things that you will need to consider in a mic would be its resistance against the environment, frequency, sensitivity, and polar pattern.

Does the Shure SM7B Microphone comes with a mic stand?

No, the Shure SM7B Microphone does not come with a mic stand.

However, the package does include a shock mount which is good at separating the vibration noises, but you can purchase a standard mic separately for this mic if you want.

Is the MAONO AU-93 Microphone too fragile to handle?

Not really the MAONO AU-93 Microphone is light in weight and is made up of aluminum alloy instead of plastic or metal but that does not make this mic fragile to handle.

The mic also has a metal case that makes it durable and more resistant to damage.

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