How To Use Two Microphones At The Same Time?

Using two mics at the same time for recording might seem a difficult task but the reality is different.

It is not that difficult as it might seem although editing the content once you are done with recording might require extra time and effort once you get in the practice connecting and recording with two mics at the same time will just be a piece of cake for you.

It is very common nowadays to have a guest on your podcast as the audience enjoys it when you get into an interesting conversation with your guest and you both share your ideas and experiences with people out there.

Many people also prefer podcasts that have two hosts, which means a host and a co-host because that is more fun.

If you are new to this field or a beginner in the digital world you might be viewing it as a difficult task to use two mics at the same time.

But you do not have to worry about it because here in this article we are going to share a few amazing tips with you guys that will surely make you a pro in using two mics at the same time.

Let see how to use two microphones at the same time.

Considerations Before Using Two Mics At The Same Time

Before moving towards explaining the techniques to you guys, we will like you to consider the following points to avoid any inconvenience or problem later.

1. Use the Same Brands

Make sure you are using the mics from the same brand and even the one from the same family.

Let’s say if you are using an XLR mic so you should pair another XLR mic with it in case you are using an XLR mic with a USB mic that would become quite difficult for you because they will have different specifications and whatever technique you will use will make the results difficult to be achieved.

2. Maintain The Right Distance from Mics

If you are the host it might have become a bit difficult to monitor the mic of your guest or co-host.

But ask them before starting to keep the mic at the right distance from their mouth. Because if one person’s mic is too close or too far away from there, mouth while speaking it will affect the sound quality.

3. Constantly Monitor The Mics On Your Computer

When the audio is being recorded you need to constantly monitor both of the mics on your computer because sometimes you do not realize but there might be an issue with the recording like one of the mics might be muted or not recording.

So, you need to monitor them from time to time so you can solve the problem on time.

4. Use Quality Products

Whether you are using a jack, an audio mixer, or an audio interference, which we are going to explain in the article ahead how to make these products in use, you should not compromise on the quality of the products because it will eventually disturb the recording.

Available options for using two mics at the same time:

Let’s now move and analyze the various options that are available for using two mics at the same time on your PC or computer for recording. In this article, we are going to discuss five different techniques.

Using a jack

Using two mics at the same time with the help of a jack is the easiest and simplest method available.

It won’t cause you any trouble and there are different types of jacks available in the market from different brands.

They all have different specifications and prices.

You just have to keep a few things in mind before purchasing any jack for using two mics at the same time with your computer.

First no matter what the price or brand is the jack must be of really good quality second make sure that it has two inputs connections and one output cable.

The third and the last thing that you should keep in mind is to use a jack of 3.5 mm because it will be compatible with most of the mics both XLR and USB.

You can use separate tracks for recording each mic. Connect each mic in the input slot of the jack and connect the output cable with your computer and PC and you’re good to go. Start recording with ease and comfort.

USB Audio Interface

Another technique for connecting two mics at the same time is to use an audio interface with your mics.

Just like the jack, you will find different types of USB audio interference in the market.

But make sure you get the one with two input channels because you will be using two mics at the same time.

It is also an easy and budget-friendly technique to connect or use two mics at the same time especially when you are working with two XLR mics.

The audio interface is an external device that connects to your computer so you can record different instruments such as guitar or drums as well as vocals on it.

It is a reliable option and won’t require any hard work from your side. It will connect to your computer through a USB.

You will have to attach your mics with the help of an XLR cable to the audio interface and for connecting it to your computer as we have already explained you will need a USB cable and then you will be good to go.

The good thing about using an audio interface is that it will allow you to record both mics on a separate track. You can use ‘Audacity’ for this purpose.

Audio Mixer

The audio mixer is another option that you can consider to connect and use two mics at the same time.

But unlike the USB audio interface and jack, this is a little bit more expensive than the other options as the audio mixers are quite expensive.

But they are very easy to use and set up.

Just like the jack and USB audio interface, the audio mixer is also an external device that comes in various sizes and designs.

It allows your computer and mics to connect with it.

The function of an audio mixer is to collect the sound s from various devices such as let’s say two mics because our main focus is how to use two mics at the same time.

So, after collecting the audio signals they either combine them tighter, process them, or just monitor the sound signals as they flow through them.

The benefit of using an audio mixer to use two mics at the same time is that each of the mics will have its EQ signals which are quite amazing.

The dynamics of the sound signals will also be great. Just make sure to get an audio mixer with two input channels one for connecting each mic with it.

You can use an audio mixer with both two XLR and two USB mics.

Using a Digital Recorder

So, the last option for using two mics at the same time is to connect them with an external digital recorder instead of connecting your mics to your computer or PC.

The digital recorders will make it possible for you to connect your mics especially two XLR mics them with the help of XLR cables.

There are many digital recorders available in the market.

To name a few you can use zoom H5 or Zoom H6 or even the zoom pro track P4 to use multiple mics at the same time.

You can use a digital recorder both at home and in the studio, you can also travel around with them and use them in outdoor locations.

We will recommend you to use the digital recorder with two input slots since we want to use only two mics at the same time.

Unlike the computer, the digital recorder will allow you to record each mic on a separate track without doing any extra effort.

Using two mics at the same time on windows 10

Besides all these options mentioned above, you can also record two mics at the same time on your windows both on a separate track.

For that, you will need to download an audio recording software or application.

Such applications will help you to manage the mics will monitor them and also process the audio signals. You just have to manipulate the settings as you like.

Final Verdict on Multiple Microphones to One Input 

It might seem a very hectic and stressful activity to make use of two mics at the same time.

Well, it’s true it requires effort but it would be worth it if you learn about the techniques and understand them well.

once you start working on the techniques you won’t be facing any difficulty in the future as practice makes a man perfect.

You can try out any technique that we have mentioned above for yourself according to your ease.

We have tried to discuss the easiest and budget-friendly techniques in this article for you to try out.

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