Why Does My Mic Sound Muffled? 7 Reason You Should Know

How Do You Fix a Muffled Mic?

Sometimes suddenly when you are performing live or when your recording lives you might suddenly start to make your sound unclear or sometimes quitter no matter how you are speaking.

Well, that’s very embarrassing especially when you are giving a live or on-stage performance and it will ruin your show or content.

And we can understand the pain and stress one has to experience while struggling with such a situation.

In case you are currently experiencing it and looking for ways how to fix the problem without spending some money then you have come to the right place.

In this article, we are going to share a few tips and tricks that you can apply and follow to solve the issue. So, let’s begin.

7 Reasons, Why Does Your Mic Sound Muffled

Here are a few reasons why your microphone might sound muffled.

It is very frustrating when you have done recording your audio and when you just check it the sound is all muffled.

Also, when you are in an online meeting and this situation occurs it can make your audience annoyed and will give an unprofessional image of yours especially when you are having a business meeting.

The common reasons why this can happen are as follows:

1. Placing The Mic Too Far

Sometimes you are keeping the microphone too far away from your mouth and that must be causing you the problem.

Most of the time when you are in a crowded place or recording outside keeping the mic, not at the right distance will make the microphone pick up sounds from the surrounding instead of focusing on your voice.

Especially when you are using the condenser microphone you will experience this problem frequently as the condenser microphone is very sensitive to the background noises and it only works well when you place it in front of your mouth as it only focuses on the sounds from the front. Lowering the sensitivity can be helpful to solve the muffle problem.

To avoid this problem, you can try following the below mentioned basic tips

  • Avoid placing the microphone more than 20 inches away from your mouth. This is a maximum distance for most of the microphones.
  • Avoid moving too much while talking and singing.
  • When you are using condenser microphones you have to maintain a maximum distance of 12 inches between the capsule and your mouth.

Different microphones have different distance range if this does not work check on the manual about the maximum distance of your mic.

2. Keeping The Mic Too Close

Where keeping the microphone too away from the mouth can cause the problem, keeping it too near to the mouth can also become problematic and will end up causing the sound muffled.

Some of the people misunderstand the instructions about keeping the right distance from the mouth and become too conscious about the thing that they are not too far away from the microphone and they do not realize that they are keeping it too close to the microphone.

The reason for the muffling of the sound will be because of the proximity effect.

The proximity effect is an effect that happens when the recording source is too close it results in low-frequency response.

Whenever the microphone has become too much closer to the mic it will create a bigger bast boom.

This will as a result will mess up with the sound and make it seem muffled.

Whether you are using a dynamic microphone or a condenser microphone make sure you are maintaining the right distance which is usually 12-20 inches for most of the mics.

If you are facing this problem you can just stop keeping the mic close to your mouth.

3. Background Noise

If you are working in a very noisy place or in between an audience or crowd then this might also be a reason why your sound is muffling.

Make sure you are recording in a quiet place or use a pop filter to block the background noises. If you want to know in detail how to reduce background noise on the mic then check this article.

4. Humidity and Dust

No matter how much you invest in your microphone if you are not going to check the environment you are going to work you are always going to experience some problems with the sound.

For instance, if you are working in a hot environment or if there is too much humidity inside the studio or you are recording in summers outside you will often feel that your sound has become muffled.

This is basically because the humidity is disturbing the capsule of the mic.

Also, if you are sweating a lot while performing your sweat will get absorbed into the microphone and will change the quality of the sound.

The same is the case with dust it also gets into the space inside the capsule of the microphone and it will not catch your sound even if you are pacing your mouth at the right distance from the microphone.

The only way to avoid this problem is to choose moisture and dust-resistant microphone or pads or windscreen that protects against dust and moisture.

5. Position Of The Microphone

The distance cannot be the only issue that might be causing your microphone to muffle.

Sometimes the microphone is not positioned in the right position that will also cause the sound on your microphone to muffle.

In case you have tried to fix the distance between your mic and mouth and still, the problem with the sound exists then chances are that the mic is not set up in the right direction.

Your microphone should always be positioned to the right angle of the source you are recording such that it records from the front of the source.

To fix the problem you can try out the following tips

  • Sometimes people usually the beginners while recording keeps the microphone at the side of the source which changes the sound quality so make sure you keep it at the front of the source placed it at the right angle.
  • Often time the mic is in front of you but the capsule if it is movable it can be quite upward so make sure it is straight.
  • Always check or give a test record before the actual record and work just to make sure that the position is right and there would not be any problem with the positioning once you start recording.

6. You Might Be Using The Wrong Mic

Another common reason while your sound might appear muffled might be because you are using the wrong microphone type.

Sometimes you spent on expensive microphones and end up wondering why the sound of muffling.

This happens because you might be using the wrong microphone.

If you already do not let us tell you that although all microphones are used for the same purpose which is recording the sound you should also know that different types of microphones are available in the market.

Each microphone has a different make, specifications, and features that are made for different purposes.

For instance, for recording the instruments there is a different angle of microphone because you can’t use the ordinary one due to several reasons.

The Microphones Are Categorized Into Two Types;

1. Condenser Microphone

Condenser microphones are designed for recording instruments especially acoustic instruments such as guitars.

Because these microphones are very sensitive to the surrounding noises.

They also use batteries or phantom power for power supply.

So, if you have a condenser mic for recording vocals you should change it with a dynamic one.

2. Dynamic Microphone

Dynamic microphones are used for designing vocals because they are good with powerful noises such as those during beatboxing and rapping.

Unlike condenser ones, these are less sensitive to the surrounding noise and are good at rejecting them. So, don’t use them for recording instruments.

7. Life Span Of Microphone

In case you are facing other issues with muffling with your mic then there are extreme chances that your microphone has broken off.

Even if you have bought an expensive and durable microphone each product has a life span and it will not function properly once the life span has ended.

If you have tried everything for fixing the muffled sounds and still the problem is there, the only reason left why the problem is still there is some internal fault of then life of your microphone has been expired.


Muffled sound can be very annoying if you are facing this issue make sure the source is not very far away or too close to the microphone.

Also, check the environment and make sure it’s not very noisy and in case it’s humid use a moisture-resistant windscreen.

Make sure the position of the microphone is always right.

Do a test record or try a different microphone to check to see if the microphone is faulty or not.

Chose the right microphone and make sure you maintain it well.

So, we hope all these tips were quite helpful and easy to grasp as we have not used too many technical concepts and try to make everything simple.


Why does my mic sound muffle ps4?

Muffled mic in ps4 is the most common problem that users experience. Knowing the root cause of the problem is the initial step towards the solution. Here are a few reasons:

  • There may be a problem with your hardware.
  • A broken cable or port of your headset may be the cause of your muffled audio. Try checking the headset.
  • A loose mic boom is also a common cause of muffled audio. Try fixing the mic boom.
  • Try updating the soundcard driver as it also causes muffled audio.

Why does my mic sound muffle pc?

A muffled sound from a PC is usually an outcome of dust or any impurity blocking the ports of your microphone. Try cleaning the microphone and check for the cables. A faulty cable can also result in muffled audio.

Why does my mic sound muffle on discord?

Your mic may sound muffle if you have enabled the setting of echo cancellation and noise reduction. Sometimes, Discord acts out the actual audio while applying a noise suppression filter. Try removing the filters.

Why does my mic sound muffle on Snapchat?

There are two possible causes of muffling audio on Snapchat. One is the faulty microphone of your cell phone, and the other is the problem with the app itself. Try testing your audio on the other apps. If it sounds muffle there. It means the problem is with the microphone of your phone. Take your phone to a professional to get it fixed. On the other hand, if the problem is with the app, try updating the app from the app gallery.

Why does my mic sound muffle on my iPhone?

Several reasons are contributing to the muffled audio of your microphone. If your phone is on silent mode with media and other audio muted, chances are fair that the output may also be muffled. The dirty port of your microphone may also be another reason why the audio seems muffled. If your phone is water damaged, it may also have affected your mic. So drying it can solve the issue.

Why does my mic sound muffled Xbox?

A muffled mic may be because of a problem with your headset or controller. Try replugging your mic to the controller, and try checking for the headset wires and cables. An outdated driver can also cause lagged or muffled audio. Try rechecking your controller settings too.

Why does my mic sound muffle underwater?

Your mic may sound muffle underwater, maybe because the mic you are using is not waterproof and water has damaged your microphone. Try using specialized microphones for underwater recordings and podcasting. Another reason may be damaged ports of your microphone or the device to which it is connected. High underwater pressure can also cause your microphone to muffle. Try using a microphone that can handle higher pressure. Settings of the device you are using to record the audio may not be suitable to record underwater.

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