How To Use Apple Headphones As a Mic On a PC, Zoom And Skype

If you are using apple headphones then you already know the uniqueness of using such a product.

The main issue you will encounter while trying to use Apple headphones as a mic on a PC is compatibility.

The main reason is that Apple’s hardware is specially tailored for Apple products or Macbook.

It is not new if you will face some compatibility issues while using it with non-Apple products.

Connecting the Apple headphones with MacBook or iPhone will not be very difficult but on the other hand, connecting them with a PC is not going to be a simple task, it will be a little bit technical.

There can be a situation when you have to make an important call on Skype or Zoom and you are left with no other option except using your Apple headphones as a mic on a PC and you don’t know how to connect them with the computer.

So you do not need to worry anymore because in this article you will get a complete guide, to step by step, that how you can use your Apple headphones on a PC as a mic.

If you have external microphones with XLR or TRS cables then you can easily connect with all types of IOS devices. 

Which Tools Will Be Needed For Using Apple Headphones As a Mic?

Before using your Apple headphones as a mic on PC you must ensure that you have headphones with a 3.5mm jack, lightning cable, and an audio splitter.

These tools will play an important role in the process of using your Apple headphones as a mic on a PC.

1. Headphones With 3.5mm Jack

The simplest way to use Apple headphones as a mic on pc is to already have a headphone with a 3.5 mm jack or lightning port, but if your earbuds use Apple’s proprietary lightning cable then you will need a lightning to USB-A connector.

 2. Lightning Cable

If your headphones have a lightning cable then you will need a female lightning cable to USB-A for using your headphone as a mic on a pc.

3. Audio splitter

If your device has dedicated headphone and microphone jacks then you will need an audio splitter, an audio splitter is a tool that splits a singular audio signal into two or more paths.

How to Use Apple Earphones on PC Step-by-Step Guide

Following are the steps which will guide you that how can you use your apple headphones as a microphone on pc;

Step 1: Detect The Recording Slot

The first step you will do is to detect the recording slot of your PC.

Nowadays, most computers and laptops have a single audio slot but still, some computers have two separate slots, one for audio and the other for recording.

If you have a single recording slot then it will work for both audio and recording but if your laptop or computer has two separated slots then your recording slot will be the one that has a mic symbol.

Step 2: Insert Your Apple Headphone With a Recording Slot

After recognizing your recording slot, simply insert your Apple headphones into the slot.

Step 3: Organizing The Audio Settings

After connecting your headphone with the PC, you need to arrange the audio settings.

How to Open Control Panel on PC?

For arranging the audio settings, first, you will need to open the control panel. You can open the control panel by using one of the following methods.

 First Method:

    1. Click on the window key.
    2. Write the control panel on the search box.
    3. Then click on the control panel.

Second Method:

    1. Whether press windows key+X or right-click by using the mouse on the window icon.
    2. Then go to the control panel.

Third Method:

    1. You can also use the key combination of Windows+R.
    2. After that write the control panel in the box which is empty and then press the enter key.

How to Open Sound Setting on PC?

  • Now in the control panel, you need to locate the “sound”, in some devices, it is written under the hardware and sound. So, after locating the ‘sound’, click on it.
  • Choose ‘recording’ and locate ‘external mic
  • In the sound, settings click on the recording tab. If you will see a green tick mark that means your Apple headphones are already detected by your computer.

Enabling Your Apple Headphones As a Mic

Double click on the external mic option, and then you will see the apple headphones.

If you don’t see the apple headphone in the external mic option then it might appear as ‘high definition audio’.

Set the mic by enabling it as default and adjust ‘microphone levels’ and ‘microphone boost’ according to your needs.

If the PC does not recognize your apple headphones then you will have to rearrange the audio settings.

  1. Left-click on the window icon.
  2. In the search box write sound settings.
  3. Open the sound settings.
  4. Under the ‘choose your input device’, select apple headphones.

How To Use Your Apple Headphones As a Mic For Skype?

In this article, we will also tell you how you can use your Apple headphones as a mic for Skype on a PC. Configuring your Apple headphones is not a complicated process but you should have a little know-how about technical things.

If you are an XBOX lover then check this article to know how to use a usb microphone on an xbox one

How to Use Apple Earbuds as Mic and Headphones on Pc for Skype

Following are the steps which you need to follow,

 Step 1: Log Into Your Account

    1. Log in to your Skype account.
    2. Go to Skype settings
    3. You will see the ‘microphone’ under the audio tab. Click on the ‘microphone’.

 Step 2: Arrange Your Skype Audio Settings

These steps will help you in configuring the audio settings of Skype,

    1. After clicking on the microphone under the audio tab, you need to confirm that your Apple earbuds have been selected as the default device.
    2. If your headphones have not been selected as the default device then you can set them up as the default by selecting the right option from the drop-down list.

You can check that if you have correctly arranged the Skype audio settings by making a test call to make sure that whether everything is working right.

It is better to check beforehand rather than having any problem during an important call or in an emergency.

You can also conduct a sound test.

If you are facing any problem then you need to change the PC settings for audio recording.

Changing PC Settings For Audio Settings

Your PC settings need to be configured so that it can accept your Apple headphones as a default input device.

To configure the PC settings you need to change the parameters within the ‘control panel’.

You will have to follow these steps;

  1. Click on the window icon
  2. In the search box write ‘control panel’, and then press enter.
  3. In the control panel, you will see the hardware and sound option, click on this option.
  4. Then, click on the manage devices.
  5. Select the recording tab.
  6. After choosing the recording tab set your apple headphones as the default recording option.
  7. Then you can change the sound level according to your wish.

If in the recording devices you cannot see the option of apple headphones then it means that the headphones you have connected are not compatible with your PC.

How to Use Apple Headphones on Pc For Zoom Call as A Mic?

Following are the steps which will guide you that how your Apple headphones can use as a mic for Zoom call on PC;

 Step 1: Click on Test Speaker And Microphone

Once you will join a Zoom call, a window pop-up will show you to whether join the meeting or test your audio. You will see ‘test speaker and microphone’, click on it.

 Step 2: Select Headphones Option

To test your speakers a ringtone will be played. If you don’t hear a ringtone when it is played then either select your Apple headphones in the drop-down menu or click NO.

If you want to carry on the microphone test, then click on YES.

 Step 3: Check Audio Replay Option

Speak as you normally do on-call and zoom using your Apple headphones will give audio replay.

In case you don’t hear an audio replay when it is played then either click on NO or chose your apple headphones in the drop-down menu.

But if you can hear an audio replay, then click on YES to continue.

Step 4: Join With Computer Audio

Lastly, use your Apple headphones for Zoom call by clicking on ‘join with computer audio’.

Final Thoughts on Apple Headphones with Mic 

If you will end up in such a situation where you do not have any other option except using your Apple headphones as a mic on your PC for an important call on Skype or Zoom then you can use the above procedure, which is a little technical but not very complicated, for using your headphones as a mic on laptop or PC.

The biggest advantage of using Apple headphones on PC as a mic that the echoes you often hear in calls will try to minimize them.

But if there is a compatibility issue, as you already know that Apple’s hardware is specially customized for Apple products and Macbook, you will not be able to use headphones as a mic.

I hope that this article will be a good guide for you and a solution to your issues.


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