How To Lower Mic Sensitivity On Different Devices? Problem Solved

The mic is a much-needed device in this age. But you face the problem when your mic is very sensitive to surrounding sounds and you don’t know, How to lower mic sensitivity?

It’s an energy transmitter and also a communication link between the sender and receiver.

Sounds perceived by acoustic energy and convert into corresponding electrical energy, loudens it & transmit to loudspeaker or headphone.

The perfect microphone will raise your self-confidence particularly when it’s challenging for you while recording something. Microphones are differentiated according to two ways :

• Technologically (Dynamic, Condenser)
• Directionally (Cardioid, Omnidirectional, Bi-directional)

Are you worried about using the mic and also for its high sensitivity?

Probably, you don’t know how to reduce it. So, calm down here we have solutions for your problem in this blog.

Mics having high sensitivity

When you hear about the sensitivity of mics then what initial thought comes to your mind?

Many people misunderstood this concept.

If you compare two mics with different sensitivity like one has -78Dbv and the other has -40dBV.

Now the question is which has higher sensitivity and the answer is -40Dbv.

When we talk about types of mics then we come to know condenser mics have higher sensitivity than a dynamic mic.

This type of mics requires more care for handling its sound pressure. Several condenser mics are not suitable for living.

These days producers produce those condenser mics which is perfect for live use.

Type of Mic to Control Sensitivity Issues

First of all the main thing while choosing a mic is your environment. It means to say that where are you and what type of mic you need at your location.

In an Omni-directional mic sounds received throughout the talk. While choosing the right microphone you must know what type you need?

Condenser mics are best for cymbals, piano, and guitar whilst dynamic mics are used in crabs, drums, and also electric guitars.

Be noted that no mic is good for versatile usage.

Keeping your mic safe is also an important thing. So protect it with plastic bags or use the pop filter.

A handheld mic is good for a screaming environment. Their sensitivity is lower than the headset so, it picked up the least noise from the background.

But due to lower sensitivity sound source must be nearer to the mic than other sources

As headset mics are excellent for those situations where the speaker wants to free his hands without a mic. It is closer to mouth volume and the sound tone is constant.

Often it is uncomfortable for the speaker to use this mic.

Utilization of high-sensitivity Mics

These mics are superior and found all over world studios which have soundproof rooms.

They can pick up sound from a close & distant position.

These mics pick up the sound without any disturbance or with more effort.

Like shotgun mics, they are excellent at work.

Utilization of low-sensitivity Mics 

This sort of mics has huge SPL ratings because of this, their use is excellent inside drum, guitar, and trumpets.

Fixing of PROBLEMS 

When the microphone is to use but Improper audio settings may result in unpleasant sound or a noisy background.

It induces irritating situations when you have to record a good quality of audio.

When an unpleasing sound is delivered by mic then it could be many reasons for it. As it may be :

• Issue in cables
• Electrical problems
• Background noise in the room

1. Check your links:

To fix these problems first of all check your cable connection or exchange wires if the issue still exists. Here we have some guidelines to get rid of high sensitivity.

It’s necessary to test links by interchanging cables and switching microphones, a simple way to fix your sound problems. Mostly this mistake was done by beginners.

2. Test your Audio:

In this phase check your audio and make sure that their sensitivity isn’t too high.

3. Removal of Defective hardware:

Hardware can be damaged due to various reasons.

One of the reasons is the electrical issue.

Hardware is getting more advanced day by day. If the mic’s recording is generating irritating sound then use all input options for recording.

To resolve this issue, it must be repaired or replaced.

4. Check Frequency:

Frequency is the rate of sound that a mic can generate and its results vary within its range.

Always set the frequency of the mic before matters for the sound quality of mics.


Two adjustments that affect sound quality are as follows :

The setting of sensitivity

In normal situations, sensitivity must be around -15 to -18Db.

If it is in a distant position from 0Db then sensitivity is less but if closer to 0Db then it is higher sensitive.

If sensitivity is high then input is overwhelmed and audio will be cut.

AF OUT Setting

This type of setting is found in the receiver’s mode. If the output of AF is high, it may cause an overload of inputs that are connected to devices and may produce irritating and buzzy sounds, etc.

This setting will be done about 0Db or +6Db if you are connected to speakers& soundboards etc.

Adjustment of mic sensitivity 

If your mic isn’t working properly so you can set up a gate.

What is the gate?

The processor cuts every sound below the given Db level and low volume sounds are terminated.

Volume envelopes are used to eradicate unpleasing sounds. An envelope can be drawn that decreases noise volume.

To lower the sensitivity of the mic, a passive attenuation device is used mostly mics have built-in Pads.

You should follow steps that would help you to eliminate certain issues related to the adjustment of sensitivity are as follows :

1. In headset mics, press the power button on it.
2. There is a + and FWD on it. Plus sign is on the left side and FWD is on the right side.
3. Then a default voice setting of the mic appears.
4. With available settings of the mic, adjust the mic sensitivity through minus and buttons on the left side.
5. When the setting has been selected, quit the menu by clicking the button of PUSH-TO-TALK on the right side of it.
6. Now it’s time to check the setting with your mates by using the mic.
7. If the problem still exists then repeat steps number 2&5 to get the best settings as per the environment.

Gadgets for reducing noise


What do you have in your mind about windshields?

These are useful for clear out undesirable wind interference such as breathy sound moving across the mic.

Shields are fit over the mic.

Three types of shields are effective for the protection of the mic from noise and fuzzy voice.

1. Azden shield
2. Foam-type windscreens
3. Road blimp windshield

Shock mount

Shock mounts are used because it looks more professional than other tools.

Suppose a songster comes into your studio and sees your professional setup, they will sing with comfort as they are impressed.

But if you are working on your own then it’s not needed to use it because it is expensive.

The main function of a shock mount is to lessen noise due to vibrations.


The preamp is needed in every sound medium.

It has two main things first is the preamp circuit and the second one is an external device within the circuit.

The main function of the preamp is to boost up low-level signals to line level. It simplifies conversion among your mic and other instruments.

Power adapters

One of the main power suppliers is phantom power. It is used with condenser mics and generally, it is an amplification technique to boost up sound Whereas dynamic doesn’t need phantom power.


Software made our life easier than in the past. There is various software available for audio settings.

For example, GarageBand is software presented by Mac OS for musicians but also has an app on iTunes.

Be sure about the software’s features before downloading or purchasing it.

Audacity is a free online facility that removes background noise.

How to lower mic sensitivity on Xbox one?

Xbox, one does not provide any direct option to lower the sensitivity on the mic.

But in case you are facing issues with adjusting the sensitivity you can try using a dynamic microphone because it is less sensitive to the surrounding sounds. Or you can also try lowering the mic sensitivity by turning down the mic monitoring.

For this purpose, you will need to press the button on the controller of your mic then go to the system tab by pressing RB thrice.

How to lower mic sensitivity on discord?

To lower your mic sensitivity on discord, go to the menu and open the settings and follow the below-given steps.

  1. From the settings choose the ‘voice & video’ option which will you find on the left side of the settings menu.
  2. The voice and video option will help you adjust the settings of your mic.
  3. From here you can choose the input option by clicking on the drop-down menu. Set microphone as your input option.
  4. Just below it, you will find a slider named input volume, select voice activity, and move the slider the discord will fix the sensitivity.

How to reduce mic sensitivity on android?

 If your mic is overamplifying even the softest sounds while using it on android you can fix it by going to the settings and choosing the volume settings.

  1. Check the input option if it is not set to the microphone option.
  2. After choosing the microphone move to the input volume and move the slider to right or left to adjust the volume.
  3. While you are going to lower the mic volume it will automatically adjust the mic sensitivity.

How to lower mic sensitivity on ps4? 

 There isn’t any direct option to lower the sensitivity of the mic on ps4 however you can still adjust the sensitivity of the mic by adjusting its volume.

  1. To do so go to the settings, scroll down and choose devices.
  2. Then choose audio devices to add select the option’ adjust microphone level’.
  3. You will see a bar right below the input volume named microphone level move it to adjust volume this will automatically allow the mic to stop picking up the nearby noises thus reducing the sensitivity.

How to lower mic sensitivity on ps5?

 In order to lower mic sensitivity on ps5 go to the settings and choose the ‘sounds’ option by scrolling down.

  1. Choose microphone from here and move to the’ adjust microphone level’.
  2. From the controller use the left analog stick to adjust the mic level.
  3. This will lower the sensitivity.
  4. Test the mic by speaking in it and see if it still picks the surrounding sounds and then again repeat this step to lower the sensitivity accordingly until desire results are achieved.

Final Words on Condenser Mic Sensitivity 

As we know the sensitivity of the microphone became a key issue. Over time, it is a more curious topic for that public who is linked with music, mics, and the IT profession.

Here this article will let you know about mics that how and why this audio device helps us in daily life.

Whether the mic is in your hand for a singing song or attached to phones or laptops it came more closer to us in this era.

Some mics are designed for music purposes while others come with features for excellent conversation.

You can choose a perfect mic by following the above instructions according to your requirements.

Sensitivity is the level/intensity of sound that the mic can record without distortion.

You have to keep in your mind that high sensitivity doesn’t mean a good quality of sound other than lower sensitivity. So the adjustment of sensitivity is essential for recording.

You have to pursue mic audio settings. Without any disturbance, in the sound, you need to use gadgets that provide you clear sound and recording.

There are two types of settings that must be done to improve sound quality. High sensitivity can be reduced by the using settings of a mic.

Condenser mics comparatively have higher sensitivity than dynamic mics.

Last but not least I would like to tell you that when you go for purchasing a mic then always remember your need.

You should know how to use it, How to fix problems?  When you want high sensitivity or lower sensitivity in the recording.

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