You may have searched for several blogs and articles all over the internet for a proper solution of connecting audio music through a microphone, but nothing had come up effective for you.

HOW TO PLAY MUSIC THROUGH MIC DISCORD? You can not only play games on discord but also you can listen to music with continuing your game.

Well! It can be said that when you are connected through discord, there are two ways to listen to audio through mic discord. Playing sounds (over the mic) nevertheless can sometimes desirable to others when done in the right place and at the right time.

With over a billion population all over the world, Discord is one of the most popular apps through which gamers communicate online and compete for gamers worldwide which gives them an exciting experience. Besides, Discord isn’t just for gamers you can also stream music of your own choice.

You can go to this complete guide which will help you to get the best tips ever.


How To Play Music Through VIRTUAL AUDIO CABLE?


It’s an excellent piece of Software Bridge that allows programs to share audio between you and the server without disturbing your featuring game.

But it has to be set up carefully if you want it to work so. Following the under process will be required to access it easily.

The process of using the Virtual Audio Cable and Soundboard is very limited and can be accomplished by only a few microphones available for you.

  • Update/ Install the software on the computer.
  • Select music control from the bar and right-click on audio-playback connected devices.
  • Automatically select the installed/Updated software new entry, and, set it as default.
  • Check for it in the recording tab in the window.
  • Then by clicking its properties, you can listen to this device.
  • Accept and setup the configuration when set. Open discord and test the audio and enjoy it.
  • With this method, you cannot use your normal mic at the same time and you will have to switch between them when needed.
  • You may also need to restart your PC when the Virtual Audio Cable is installed.

How To Play Music Through Discord Bot?

It is the second option for connecting music.

It has “Rhythm”, basically Rhythm is a Discord Music Bot that produces continuous, unified, and evocative composition, through melody, harmony, and rhythm.

All you need to set it up and connect it to your discord. Before you are installing a server you have to owe it under necessary conditions.

When it’s installed, open it, and then on the right of it create your account to further access it, then enter it in your discord account.

From the menu bar drop-down and select which you want rhythm bot added. You can add the bot to additional servers but will need to repeat the process. Both when combined you can then click on authorize (blue button).

It’ll be located toward the bottom of the smaller popup window.

You’ll receive a confirmation message. After having a test of no-robot you are now easily open up discord.

Now comes up setting up music?

Browse the discord on your desktop. Then on the left of the discord page is the Server list by clicking on it you can see that the Rhythm Bot icon is there.

Then left-click on it you will hear a voice channel, which has to be selected for rhythm if you are listening to music so. Tap on it and search for which artist or song you are in the mod to listen to.

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How To Play Music Through Mic Voice Meeter?

 If you’re unsure how things should look like, go through this:

In “Sound” settings, only show and enable your main speakers and “Voice Meter Input” (under “Playback” tab), your microphone (if you have one), and “Voice Meter Output” (under the “Recording” tab).

You should see only 4 pictures now, 2 under “Playback” and 2 under “Recording”, or 3 pictures if you didn’t have a microphone (2 under “Playback” and 1 under “Recording”).

Now, under the “Recording” tab in “Sound” settings, right-click on your microphone (if you had one) then select “Properties “. After that select the “Listen” tab.

Make sure the “Play through this device” is selected to be your main speakers (or default device if your main speakers are left as your default device under the “Playback” tab).

Do the same with “VoiceMeeter Output” (click on properties right click on listen) after that you may do the process should be the same.

This should potentially get rid of the echo you experienced, assuming you tried some other method before this one and forgot to revert the changes.

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 How To Play Music Through Spotify?

Spotify is an audio streaming and media service that help you to audio-Spotify music streaming to your Discord account.

Through this app, People are bound to find an abundance of more inspired users for Discord when connected to Spotify.

Connect Spotify with discord to add music to your airing games:

  • After getting Spotify and Discord both connected.
  • You are now able to see what you and your friends are listening to.
  • Log in to your discord account, then navigate to settings then click on connection settings you will find the Spotify icon.
  • Connect to it.
  • After when the connection is done your Spotify User name will be shown in the Settings, and you can select to display the music you are listening to on your profile or as your status.
  • Now your Spotify account and Discord are successfully connected.


Download Spotify Music without premium:

  • If you want to share Spotify music with people who have no account you can also access Sidify Music Convertor it is a Software that you have to install firstly. Before start, you will need to download and install the software for it. When you will install it, will show on your PC, then open the app to run “Sidify” after the installed completed. Adding a song on Spotify, click on the add icon present on the Sidify convertor.


  • A small box-shaped pop-up will arise then you only had to mention there which song you have to listen to.


Changing the output settings:

Before opening and downloading songs from Spotify check for settings then customize the conversion just as if you like, for it you have to click on output settings, then it will show which you will see the including output format, output quality, and output of the path.

  • Start downloading songs then by clicking on the Spotify convert button.
  • After when the conversion is completed, you can select the converted-audio Spotify music files which you will see by getting them uploaded and click on “Upload & Share” if you want that what you are listening to others to can enjoy it. To open the “upload and share” tab by right-clicking on the window screen, then choose the upload option to OneDrive or Google Drive whatever you want.

How To Play Music Through Clownfish?

Clownfish is basically a voice changer application that changes the sound of your voice through your microphone. It is not only free software but can be used for every application that uses a microphone as voice changing apps are at trending these days.

  • This is how to play music through a microphone in-game using clownfish. This app when connected with discord.
  • The good thing is it supports Windows, Linux Ubuntu&MacOS X. You can also add sound effects to this app when you are connected through it.
  • The following are a few guided steps are to connect the clownfish and discord. Firstly open the Discord application by double-click the shortcut on the desktop-icon bar or searching Discord through the Windows search function.
  • Now open the Clownfish Voice Changer by double-clicking the shortcut present on the desktop screen or bar. After it, then you will hear the sound like a pop-up but it won’t appear on the window screen don’t get confused.
  • In such a case, you can choose a different Microphone that suits your mood. However, you will find then the “Clownfish”, the Voice Changer icon in the System Tray, or the notification area.
  • Choose the voice-changer option showed on it. However; then you have to open the discord then, click on the right of it, you will see the app connectivity icons there you will find the clownfish icon and by clicking on it you have to connect both the apps together.
  • After when it is connected you can add up the song of mp3 mode and then have your game.

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How To Play Music Through MorphVox?

It is an app that allows you to listen to the sounds/music of your choice in the background of your game.

  • It comes with both of its versions it depends upon you that which you want of it. One is the free version of MorphVox, and, the other feature of it is to get the full version which is paid to unlock the most useful feature like:
  • Changing voices and enabling the hotkeys. Which you can enable it from settings or properties. Text to the speech. You had heard of this type of sound in many YouTube videos hopefully.

Bottom Line

After reading all the steps I hope that you are now easy to go with your music-streaming and gaming modes.

Moreover, also, there are tutorials you can also click on the heading and copy to that on YouTube for your easy convenience to your article.

The guide on how to play music through microphone-discord will hopefully give you better results and an extra knowledgeable experience. If none of the steps work even if after the step-work then you may check for the system and its connected devices.


How to play music through mic windows 10?

You can play music through mic Windows 10 by using stereo mix settings on your device for that follow the following steps:

  • From the start menu, access settings
  • Here, look for sound settings.
  • Scroll down to input audio settings.
  • Here change the default input audio to stereo mix audio.

By applying the above procedure, your mic will pick up the audio from your speaker and convert it to the output as per your desires.

How to play music through mic discord android?

You can play music through an android mic in discord by utilizing the earpiece, which is available on your phone, but you can also switch to wireless if you want. After that, install the earpiece app on your phone. Launch the app on your phone. You will be able to hear audio through the mic on your android. Now adjust the settings according to your comfort level. Enjoy the experience.

How to play music through mic discord mac?

To play music on your discord app, here are a few simple steps:

  • Sign up on the discord app.
  • Add a server from the MEE6 website to your account by logging in there
  • Now from the settings, permit the bot to access your account by clicking authorize button
  • Choose all the serves which you wish your bot to access
  • Now enable the plugins for the server
  • Now select music
  • You can search for the song by giving the number or name from the search bar.

How to play music through a mic voice meeter?

To play music through a mic using a voice meeter, apply the following process:

  • Install the voice meeter and EXP soundboard on your device.
  • Go to the settings and allow a voice meeter for the input and output audio of your device
  • Now make voice meeter your default recording app by consulting the audio record settings.
  • Now get back to the EXP soundboard and select voice meeter as your input and output.
  • Now customize the settings on the soundboard.
  • Now get back and check if the audio settings are working decently.

Can I use multiple soundboard apps to play music through my mic on Discord?

Yes, you can use multiple soundboard apps to play music through your mic on discord. For that, you need to install the soundboards on your device. Now via the soundboard app, make your mic the default music player. By consulting the MEE6 app, induce a bot to catch your music and play it into the voice channels of Discord.


Can I use my default media player to play music through my mic on Discord?

You can play music through the default media player via your mic in this way. Firstly you can switch your input setting to the stereo mix. This will take input from the speaker and convert it to the output via the mic. Then with the help of a bot, you can take the music to Discord.

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