How to Change Mic Sensitivity on Xbox One

Playing games can be fun, however, If your Xbox one mic sensitivity is giving you problems, such as high or low sounds, it can be distracting. Mic sensitivity when it is not set up right is not only annoying but it can have a great effect on your performance; If the Mic sensitivity is set too high, you can be distracted from hearing sound cues such as enemy footsteps, yet, if it’s too low you will miss callouts from your companions.

Meanwhile, when calibrated Mic monitoring levels are not set up right they can result in distorted voice effects and annoying echoes. If you have been experiencing this problem, then you are reading the right article to learn how to change Mic sensitivity on Xbox one. 

How You Can Change Mic Sensitivity on Xbox One

Here is how to change Mic sensitivity on Xbox one;

  1. To change the sensitivity of the Mic, first click on the Xbox button located on the controller.
  2. Next, click on RB, three times consequently to be predicted to the system tab. 
  3. On the System tab, click on Audio from the drop-down menu.
  4. On the Audio page, you will be given the option to either turn down the Mic monitoring so your Mic is less sensitive. Or, increase the Mic monitoring so your Mic can be more sensitive. 

That’s it! You can follow the steps above to change your Xbox Mic sensitivity. Meanwhile, if your teammates also have their Mic sensitivity too high or low, then they will also have to adjust the Mic monitoring on their Xbox. 

Adjusting Mic Monitoring Function

Currently, Mic Monitoring Function is available on Xbox one headsets. However, all types of headsets function differently and some must be adjusted directly from the headset program before attaching to the Xbox One.

Note that, whenever you can hear your teammates echo when in party chat, then it is because the output party chats audio of both the speakers and headsets of the Xbox one are set simultaneously. Hence to change this setting: 

  1. Click on the Xbox button to be redirected to the guide.
  2. Click on settings and select General. 
  3. Then, click on volume and audio output.
  4. Next, click on party chat output and click on Headset.
  5. After clicking on Headset, a drop-down menu will emerge where you can adjust and save the settings. 

How to Adjust Microphone Volume Levels on Xbox One

Here is how you can easily change the volume of incoming voice chat when using Xbox one headset or headset adapter.  Simply, locate the right-hand side of the portion you used to connect to the controller, there are two buttons “+” and “-” which you use to increase or low the volume of the microphone. 

How to Adjust Incoming Chat Volume on Xbox One

While wearing the headset, click on the “Xbox” button and locate the “system” tab and click on “Audio” then adjust the chat volume by clicking on the “Headset chat mixer” tab. You can slide the bar to the left to adjust the game audio while sliding the bar to the right to adjust chat audio. 

Meanwhile, if the microphone level is also giving you problems-perhaps you are receiving sound distortion or distracting echoes, then here is how to adjust the outgoing microphone volume on Xbox One.

How to Adjust Outgoing Microphone Volume on Xbox One

Press the “Xbox” button, with an attached headset, and locate the “System” button. Select “Audio” and adjust the microphone volume level. To decrease the microphone volume level, slide the bar to the left, While, sliding the bar to the right to increase the microphone volume level. 

How to Change the input Sensitivity on an Xbox Mic

If you want to change the input sensitivity on the Xbox One Mic, 

Simply open the ” Audio” tab on the controller, and select “Microphone”. You can now adjust the input sensitivity to the level you are comfortable with.

Meanwhile, to change your Xbox one Mic quality, use the Xbox One Voice control feature, or simply use the external microphone.

Nonetheless, if you want to adjust the sensitivity on your Mic there are different ways to go about it. One of them is by using an external microphone that is designed with a sensitivity adjustment knob or you can even use the in-built Mic sensitivity adjustment on the Xbox one.

What Xbox One Mic Problems Look Like

You would notice your mic has technical problems or your teammates can not hear you well when playing a game. Mic problems can also include mired audio, inability to be heard by your teammates, distorted audio, and when your audio is being interfered with. 

What Causes Xbox One Mic Problems?

The most common reason for Xbox one Mic problems is muted Mic, this can be because of software buttons or hardware switches.

There are also some physical problems with the hardware, like a damaged headset cord or microphone, any damage to the headphone jack can also result in this issue. Poor internet connections, Xbox firmware problems, and incorrect settings in the Xbox one preferences are also causes of Xbox one mic issues. 

How to Fix It When Your Xbox One Mic Is Not Working

Here are settles to get your Xbox Mic to work:

1. Manipulate the headphone plug

You can test it by plugging it into your controller and talking into it, gently twisting the plug continuously.  If you notice this is a pick-up of your voice or if your teammates hear you alongside static, then you have a bad connection. 

2. Try disconnecting and reconnecting the Mic

When using a wired headset, you can try unplugging and plugging it back. This can help fix the connection and can be tried when facing poor connection problems between the plug and Jack.

3. Ensure that your headset is not muted

You can check your headset’s mute switch or volume mixer to ensure it isn’t muted. If the mute switch is turned on, or the volume is turned down, then your voice would not be audible and your teammates would not hear you.

Meanwhile, you should also check if your teammates have not mistakenly muted you. This is mostly like if some of the teammates can hear you, while others can’t. 

4. Wiggle the headphone wire

You can also try to manipulate the headphone wire. You should try wiggling the plug wire around the headset and try talking to your teammates. If they can’t hear you clearly, then you have a broken wire and you have to replace the headset.

How to Prevent Your Headset From Achieving Background Noise

There are different ways to reduce or eliminate any background noise from your microphone. Background noise can result in distraction and may affect your performance. First, ensure to place the headset rightly over your ears and that the Audio input is turned on. 

What Is the Best Microphone Sensitivity for Your Xbox One?

The best microphone sensitivity will rely on your preferences. When playing a game with your teammates, sometimes you may prefer a higher microphone sensitivity, and other times, a lower sensitivity microphone is better.

How to Increase Mic and Headset Volume on Xbox Series X and Series S

To increase the headset volume, you will have to plug the headset into your controller. Next, click on the “Xbox” button.

Next, locate the “system’ on the right. Then click on ” Audio”, and select the “Headset chat mixer” button.

That’s it! You can move it either to the left for louder game audio or right for party/chat Audio.

How to Increase the Mic Volume

First, ensure that your headset is plugged in, and then press the large “Xbox” button. 

Then click on the “system” tab located on the right.

Select “Audio”, and adjust the ‘Mic monitoring” option.

Next, move it to the left to reduce the Mic volume and to the right to increase the Mic volume. 

How to Fix a Sensitive Xbox One Controller

If your Xbox one controller seems to be too sensitive, you can calibrate it to fix it. To calibrate it, go to the Settings, then click on Devices, next to Controllers, and click your controller. Next, click on the Calibrate button and follow the displaced instructions. 

Meanwhile, you can change the sensitivity on your Xbox one by going to the settings. On the settings, You can change the vibration intensity and controller sensitivity. 

How to Fix a Skipping Xbox One Controller

There are a couple of ways you can try to fix a skipping Xbox One Controller. Firstly, ensure that the entire batteries in the controller are recharged fully.

If you notice they ain’t, replace them with fresh batteries and try again. Meanwhile, if the batteries are fully charged and the controller is still skipping, you can try unplugging the console from the power supply for about 5 minutes and then place it back in.

Final Thoughts on Mic Sensitivity on Xbox One

Changing the Mic sensitivity on Xbox one is crucial, especially when you are distracted by the high or low sensitivity of the Mic, hence follow the steps above to change the Mic sensitivity on your Xbox one.

If you have any questions or comments about Mic sensitivity on Xbox one, kindly drop them in the comments section. 

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