Shure Beta 87A vs Sennheiser E945 | An In-Depth Review

In this article, we are going to discover two mics of different brands. These two mics are:

  • Shure Beta 87A Microphone
  • Sennheiser E945 Microphone

They belong to two different families but they have some features in common. They are technically designed with great features and do have different prices.

I will discuss all the points and features of both the mics, state their similarities and differences and also their pros and cons.

So read the article till the end and discover which brand you should go for and also which mic you should use. So, let us drive-in.

They have gained much fame due to their various products but they are well-known for producing great mics to make the work easier for students, musicians, interviewers, teachers, broadcasters, podcasters, and much more.

There is a long list of mics produced by Shure and Sennheiser company. All the mics are great in themselves and are designed with special features. They can be used for a lot of other features as they are equipped with additional features.

But they are designed with one basic function as well which they perform very well.

We will start our journey with a comparison table so that you can get an idea about the features the two mics (Shure Beta 87A Vs Sennheiser E945) share and differ.

Comparison Table

ParametersShure beta 87aSennheiser e945
186 Reviews288 Reviews
Maximum SPL140.5 dB SPL150 dB SPL
Polar patternSuper CardioidSuper Cardioid
Impedance100 to 150 ohms350 ohms
Microphone TypeElectric CondenserDynamic Condenser
Frequency Response50 Hz to 20 kHz40 Hz to 18 kHz
Phantom PowerRequiresRequires
Weight207 g or 0.475 lbs365g or 0.73 lbs
ConnectorThree pin XLRThree pin XLR

These were all the specifications about these products that we have presented in a table for you to help you get to know about these products and understand their technicalities. Let’s move further to the design, features, performances, similarities and differences, pros and cons of both these products.

Design of Microphone

Shure Beta 87A
  • Top best mic and elegantly designed.
  • Designed with additional accessories as well.
  • Comes in Blue color.
  • Designed to withstand extreme sound pressure levels.
  • Light in weight to carry.
  • Designed with three-pin XLR cable connectors.
  • Requires Phantom Power to work.
  • This mic is one of the top well-designed mics introduced by the Shure brand.
  • Equipped with a Super-Cardioid Polar Pattern.
  • Comes with a high-frequency response to work better in different circumstances.
  • Designed with maximum Sound Pressure Level i.e. 140.5 dB.
  • Available with an Electric Condenser.
Sennheiser e945
  • One of the top mics of the Sennheiser brand.
  • Can be used for various functions.
  • Elegant black color.
  • Designed with low sensitivity for background noise.
  • Tends to produce crystal clear sound.
  • Heavier than Shure beta 87a.
  • It weighs 365 g.
  • Requires Phantom Power to work.
  • Stylishly designed.
  • Much higher SPL i.e. it comes with 150 dB SPL.
  • Designed with a Super-Cardioid Polar pattern.
  • Equipped with a high-frequency response.
  • Dynamic microphone type.
  • Comes with three-pin XLR cables.
  • Designed with a low sensitivity range.
  • The dimensions of this microphone are 47 x 186 mm.

Features of Microphone

Shure beta 87a
  • Condenser microphone.
  • Small diaphragm.
  • Handheld microphone.
  • The frequency response of Shure beta 87a ranges between 50Hz to 20kHz.
  • The output impedance of this microphone is 150 ohms.
  • Weighs 0.48 lbs. approximately.
  • Signal to noise ratio of this mic is 70.5dB.
  • Comes with a mic clip.
  • The package also includes a carrying pouch.
  • Uses phantom power between the voltage of 11 to 50 volts.
  • The shock mount system of this microphone is quite advanced as it removes even minor handling noises.
  • The handle of this mic is quite thick for firm holding and also fits perfectly in the mic stand or clip.
  • The Shure beta 87a also comes with an A25D break-resistant swivel adapter.
  • Its uniform cardioid polar pattern rejects any background noise and gives you crystal clear sound.
  • It has a popup filter that protects against wind.
Sennheiser e945
  • Dynamic handheld microphone.
  • It has a hum compensating coil that helps in reducing electrical hum.
  • Frequency range of 40Hz to 18kHz.
  • The capsule has a built-in shock mount.
  • It has a tight super-cardioid polar pattern that helps in catching other signals onstage.
  • Output impedance of 350 ohms.
  • Low senility.
  • It has a neodymium ferrous magnet for keeping the microphone stable in all environments.
  • The body of the mic is made up of metal that protects it against any damage.
  • Its pick-up pattern helps at avoiding the background noises.
  • Comes with a microphone clip.
  • The package also includes a carrying pouch
  • The mic also helps in enhancing the sound while you sing.
  • It has a highly directed sensitivity.
  • It uses an XLR connector.

Performance of Microphone

Shure beta 87A
  • The Shure beta 87a gives a clear sound without any feedback noises.
  • This mic is a multi-functional mic and can perform at its best for various functions like recordings, podcasting, broadcasting, singing, studio use, etc. 
  • It can handle both weak and strong vocals avoiding disturbance at the same time.
  • During the live performances with this microphone, you can cut through the mixes without any strain.
  • Moreover, the low-frequency rolls off switch work very well in blocking noises during the live performances.
  • Its tailored and smooth frequency range helps and provides warm and clean sounds.
  • The steel mesh of this mic protects against any sweat that comes out on your face or hands during the performance.
Sennheiser e945
  • Sennheiser e945 is the best dynamic mic for both studio and live performance.
  • As compared to other dynamic mics that are available in the market the performance of Sennheiser e945 is exceptional.
  • The shock-mounted capsule of this microphone helps with a smooth operation even through sounds.
  • It is because of this sock mounted capsule that this mic is a bit heavier in size but it does not matter since it helps in avoiding unnecessary noises.
  • No matter what the climate is like you won’t feel any problem during your performance because the neodymium ferrous magnet with boron has got your back.
  • Another important feature that enhances the performance of this mic is the super-cardioid polar pattern.
  • Its super-cardioid pattern only catches sounds from the front of the mic meanwhile ignoring sounds from the back and the sides.
  • Moreover, the frequency range of this mic is quite tailored and smooth which helps in rejecting feedback noises.
  • This mic might seem a bit complicated but believe us it is quite easy to operate this mic.

Similarities and Differences 

Similarities Between Shure Beta 87A vs Sennheiser E965:

  • Both have the same polar pattern i.e.; they both have Super-Cardioid Polar Pattern.
  • Both the mics need Phantom Power to work.
  • Both come with Three-pin XLR cables.
  • Both come with a mic clip and a carrying pouch.
  • Both are ideal to use for live performances or studio use.
  • Both mics can easily cut through the mix.
  • Both mics do not include an on and off switch.

Differences Between Sennheiser E965 vs Shure Beta 87A:

  • Shure Beta 87a has a low SPL level as compared to Sennheiser e945.
  • Shure beta 87a comes with a low impedance output while Sennheiser has higher impedance output.
  • Shure beta 87a has higher sensitivity than Sennheiser e945.
  • Shure beta 87a comes with a High-frequency response while on the other hand, Sennheiser has a low-frequency response.
  • Shure beta 87a is an Electric condenser type mic while Sennheiser is a Dynamic mic.
  • Shure beta 87a is light in weight as compared to Sennheiser e945.
  • Shure beta 87a comes in Blue color while Sennheiser comes in Black color.
  • Shure beta 87a can work longer than Sennheiser e945.
  • Shure mics are more trustworthy and reliable than Sennheiser ones.
  • Shure beta 87a produces more quality sound as compared to the sound produced by Sennheiser e945.
  • Shure Beta 87a is a condenser microphone while Sennheiser e945 is a dynamic microphone.
  • Sennheiser e945 comes with a warranty while the Shure Beta 87a mic does not.
  • Sennheiser e945 is a bit more expensive than the Shure Beta 87a.

Pros & Cons of Shure Beta 87A:

  • Smooth and wide frequency range
  • It has three layers of built-in wind protection.
  • Excellent sound.
  • Good quality and durable design.
  • Best for both live and recording inside a studio.
  • Less distortion.
  • The quality of the capsule is amazing.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Adjustable stand adapter.
  • Bestseller mic of the Shure beta 87 series.
  • Does not have an on and off switch.
  • Not suitable for rappers and rock singers.
  • Cupping the mic affects the sound output.

Pros & Cons of Sennheiser E945:

  • Works well under pressure.
  • It comes with a warranty.
  • Ideal for singers.
  • Performs great on big stages.
  • Stylish design.
  • Durable and reliable.
  • High quality and crystal-clear sound.
  • Affordable price.
  • Good at rejecting unwanted noises.
  • It has a narrow pickup pattern.
  • Good mid-range
  • Not good for recording bass voice.
  • It sometimes gives pickup sounds.
  • Does not come with an on and off switch.
  • A bit heavier.
  • A bit expensive.

Two Worthy Brands and their Mics


The company Shure has been in the market since 1925 creating premium quality products for its users at exclusive prices.

Their office is located in Illinois. It is an American company that started making boron microphones and then moved on to manufacture condensers and later to dynamic microphones.

They have experimented a lot with the products and their features and design to finally get to know what is the best and popular microphone that meets the needs of the users.

With the innovative designs and features, their microphones are one of the best ones available in the market. Besides microphones, they have created other tech and audio-related products as well. From amateurs to professionals, their microphones are for everyone.

Their products are highly reliable, durable, and excellent. When it comes to the quality of the microphones, we assure you that the company never compromises on them. It always takes feedback from its customers, considers it, and comes with an updated and more advanced product.

Quality and customer satisfaction and care are their number one priority. Moreover, when it comes to the prices their microphones are always the budget-best microphone company out there.


Sennheiser was founded by professor Fritz Sennheiser back in 1945. Currently, their factory is located in Wennebostel. They also begin with manufacturing tech and audio-related products.

Their first microphone was introduced in the market back in the late 1950s.

They started researching microphones and studied the new technology and then they finally came up with manufacturing condenser microphones. Later they came up with their wireless microphones and dynamic microphones.

Over the years they have introduced the most innovative microphones with unique designs in the market. They don’t ever fail their customers with their service and products.

They focus on the new technology and do research before introducing a product to see whether it will satisfy their customers or not. With the aim that to net let their customers down they have made a name in one of the best brands in the market today.

In 2020 they have celebrated their 32 anniversary. Up till now, their products have been one of the most revolutionary and innovative products in the audio market. Sennheiser is a well-known brand for musicians and professionals.

The company is growing day by day and their products are well famous all around the world. Today thousands of beginners and professionals trust and believe in this brand for their microphones and other audio products.

So up till now, you might have an idea. There are two great brands, producing worthy multifunctional mics, you might have heard. One great brand is Shure while another competitor is Sennheiser.
They are the two best brands, well known in the market for introducing durable and reliable mics and other products as well.

Conclusion on Sennheiser E945 vs Shure Beta 58A 

So guys we have tried our best to give you a detailed article about the two best brands and their great productions.

We have compared both the microphones from every aspect. We compared their design, features, performance, similarities between both the mics, their basic difference, and also their pros and cons. They do share some similarities but do differ in many points.

The basic difference is in their companies and prices. So you can get the idea, after going through our article, which mic is well-suitable for you. Just keep in mind the basic points of both the mics and your requirements.

Then you will be able to choose the best mic for you.

If you are still very confused between both the mics and need our suggestion. So we can suggest you go for Shure beta 87a because this mic is the production of the most top quality and trustworthy mic. Besides, this great mic is designed with the best combination of features.

It has some cons as well but that can be negotiable when the pros of it are kept in mind. This unique and extraordinary mic is equipped with full and vast frequency response, good impedance output, good battery life, high SPL level, high sensitivity to the sound, easy set up to use, multifunctional, light in weight to carry from place to place, and very clear and crisp sound production.

On top of all this, this mic is not very expensive. You can easily afford it. So if it fulfills your requirements, just go order it. We assure you that this mic will never disappoint you and also will work with you for a long time.

In a nutshell, the titleholder of today’s article is Shure beta 87a.

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