AKG C214 vs 414 Microphone | Detailed Comparison

Are you guys in search of the most accurate and updated information about the two mics introduced by the AKG brand?

You want the clear-cut comparison drawn between the two versatile mics of AKG so that you can purchase any one of them and make your work easier.

As this is an uphill task to choose any one mic among both the great mics of AKG. It is because both the mics are designed with the combination of best features and are unbeatable. Both of them speak for their reliability and durability.

So you must be confused between both the mics that you should try. So just drive into the article. We are here going to discuss the most genuine, updated, and full information about the two mics of AKG that are:

  • AKG C214 Microphone
  • AKG 414 Microphone

Before coming to the mics, we like to introduce you to their producers i.e., AKG Brand.

About AKG company

AKG is a well-reputed Austrian company that also has its branches working in Germany, the United States, UK, India, and Japan. It’s a well-known brand and its customers from all over the world rely on their products especially acoustic products.

AKG microphones are used for all-purpose as their quality designs are unique, durable, and reliable. They have a series of microphones and each year they keep on introducing new technology and innovative features.

There are two versatile mics introduced by AKG company and both of them are unbeatable. They are designed with extremely sturdy features and enable us to work more conveniently.

We need to make a comparison between both the mics so that you can get an idea of which mic is well-suitable for you.

We will be discussing in detail the design, features, performance, pros, and cons, similarities, and differences of both the mics in detail late on but first, have a look at the basic differences of features of both the mics. So let’s take a start by going through the comparison table.

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Comarison Table of AKG C214 VS 414

ParametersAKG C214 MicAKG C414 Mic
530 Review530 Reviews
Maximum SPL156 dB158 dB
Polar patternCardioidMulti pattern
Impedance200 ohms200 ohms
Diaphragm sizeLargeLarge
Microphone TypeCondenserCondenser
Frequency Response20-20000 Hz20-20000 Hz
Sensitivity20 mV/Pa20 mV/Pa
Self Noise81 dB88 dB
Weight1.76 pounds10.6 ounces
ColorGreyGrey & Silver
Low cut Filter160Hz160; 80; 40 Hz
Pads-20dB-6; -12; -18 dB
Connector3-pin XLR3-pin XLR

Design Of Microphone

AKG C214
  • AKG C214 is a large-diaphragm condenser microphone.
  • Elegant grey color.
  • The material of the body is damage resistant.
  • Dual capsules of approximately 1-inch each.
  • The capsule has a back electret design.
  • Attenuation pad which is 20dB and switchable.
  • Switchable bass-cut filter as well.
  • The dimensions of this mic are 160 x 55 mm.
  • Requires phantom power of +12V to +52 V.
  • Net weight of 280g.
  • Shipping weight is 1450g.
  • Double mesh rugged grille.
  • Comes with a shock mount.
  • The package also includes a windscreen.
  • The mic can easily be mount on a stand mount that comes with it.
  • AKG C214 is designed in such a way to produce a crisp and clear sound. 
  • This worthy mic is stylishly designed to captivate others’ attention. 


AKG C414
  • AKG C414 is also a large-diaphragm condenser microphone.
  • Comes in a dark grey and silver color.
  • Excellent metal finish.
  • Requires phantom power of 44 to 52 V.
  • The dimensions of this microphone are 50 x 38 x 160 mm.
  • Has a brass capsule.
  • Has an LED system which blinks in green color.
  • It has 9 switchable polar patterns.
  • The grille is integrated with a central band.
  • Has a quite wide dynamic range, approximately 152 dB.
  • It has a lock mode so that the patterns don’t get changed accidentally.
  • A hard case comes with this mic to carry it safely around.
  • Three bass cut filters which are switchable.
  • Switchable three-level attenuations.
  • Easy and secure settings.
  • AKG C414 mic is also very elegantly designed. 
  • Produces crystal clear sound thus reducing background noise.

Features Of Microphone

AKG C214
  • Metal-coated body.
  • The microphone is scratch and damage-resistant.
  • This mic has a matte bluish-grey finish which complements the design.
  • Comes in a nice grey color.
  • Works on phantom power of approximately 12 to 52 volts.
  • Flat frequencies range from 20 to 20000 HZ.
  • Switchable attenuator pads.
  • Bass cut filters of this mic are also switchable.
  • Cardioid polar pattern.
  • One-inch capsule.
  • A rectangular-shaped windscreen comes with this mic.
  • Can manage a sound pressure of approximately 156 dB.
  • Uses a spider shape shock mount that comes with it.
  • The shock mount helps in avoiding any vibrations during operations.
  • Handy mic of approximately 1.76 pounds.
  • A good and reliable mic for musicians and performers.
  • Works quite well for guitarists.
  • Dynamic range of 143 dB.
  • Easily manage high-pressure levels up to 136 dB.
  • Comes with a protective carrying case.
  • Uses an XLR cable for connection.
AKG C414
  • Uses 9 polar patterns such as cardioid, omnidirectional, hyper-cardioid, 8-figures, and other patterns.
  • Three switchable attenuation pads.
  • Comes with dual capsules made up of brass and one inch in size.
  • Wide range SPL of up-to 158 dB.
  • LED that blinks in red and green colors to notify the user about the operations.
  • Dynamic frequency range of up to 20 to 20000 Hz.
  • The accessories of this mic include a windscreen, stand mount, shock mount, pop filter, and a carrying case.
  • Not very heavy in weight and weighs approximately 0.66 lbs.
  • Comes in two attractive colors; dark grey and silver.
  • It uses a three-pin XLR connector for connection.
  • Works well for both live and indoor recordings.
  • Requires phantom power of 48 Volts.
  • Uses a maximum current of 4.5 mA.
  • Offers cut modes at 40,60, and 160 Hz frequency.

Performance Of Microphone

AKG C214
  • The dual capsule of this mic can manage the dynamic ranges up to 143 dB.
  • This capsule helps in reducing mechanical sounds.
  • This mic is a multi-functional mic and you can use it to fulfill various purposes it. 
  • Uses a double mesh grille that protects the capsule from any damage.
  • Can manage an SPL of up to 156 dB.
  • Can be used in studios, outdoors, and for live performances.
  • Manage a load impedance of 1000 ohms.
  • Uses a cardioid polar pattern that only catches the sounds from the front and avoids any other sounds.
  • At the center of the mic is a switch for brass cut filters.
  • Using this button frequencies can be reduced to low.
  • On the side, there is a button for switching between the pads.
  • The frequency range of this mic helps in delivering crisp and clear sounds.
AKG C414
  • Uses a gold grille which seems a bit heavy but works excellent.
  • Just beneath this gold grille is a control panel.
  • On this front panel is a switch that can be used to change between patterns.
  • Just below this panel is the LED system that lights in green and red lights upon operation.
  • This LED panel also notifies about clipping and peak overloads through the red light.
  • It has an easy-to-use lock mode feature on it as well.
  • The lock mode has arrows on it which one has to hold down to enable the lock mode of the mic.
  • To disable the lock mode, hold the arrows down again for a few seconds.
  • Below the LED system there are two other switches.
  • Left side of the switch is used to switch between the attenuation pads.
  • Right switch has a low-cut filter panel.
  • The mic can easily be mounted on the stand.
  • The shock mount that comes with the accessories helps in avoiding disturbance.
  • The pop filter also works perfectly.
  • The carrying case is of good quality and keep the mic safe while you carry it.
  • You can use this mic for different purposes like recording, singing, interviewing, broadcasting, podcasting, etc. 

AKG 214 vs 414 | Similarities and Differences

Similarities of AKG C214 Mic and C414 Mic

  • Belong to the same family.
  • Produce the same impedance output of 200 ohms.
  • Both the mics of AKG are designed with a large Diaphragm size.
  • Condenser microphones.
  • Equipped with the same frequency response i.e. 20 Hz to 20 kHz.
  • Have the same sensitivity level.
  • Have the same 3 pin XLR connector.
  • Multi-functional mics.
  • Durable, reliable, and sturdy mics.
  • Have good battery lives.

Differences between AKG C214 Mic and C414 Mic

  • AKG C214 mic has a Cardioid Polar pattern while AKG C414 mic has a Multi-Polar Pattern.
  • AKG C214 mic has low self-noise as compared to AKG C414 mic which has 88 dB.
  • AKG C214 mic is light in weight and hence easy to carry while AKG C414 mic which is heavy.
  • AKG C214 mic comes in only one color i.e. Grey while AKG C414 mic is available in two colors are Grey and Silver.
  • AKG C214 mic has 160 Hz of the low cut filter while AKG C414 mic has 160; 80; 40 Hz of the low cut filter.
  • AKG C214 mic has only one pad of -20 dB. When this is compared to AKG C414 mic which has three pads of -6, -12, and -18 dB.
  • AKG C414 mic is a bit expensive as compared to AKG C214 mic.

 Pros and Cons of AKG C214

  • Designed with a tailored frequency range.
  • Condenser microphone.
  • Comes with a large diaphragm.
  • The great mic has a solid design and built.
  • Shows a reliable and durable performance.
  • Multiple components and features.
  • An all-rounder mic.
  • The great mic is very versatile that fits all types of performers.
  • Well-designed cardioid pattern. 
  • It has a dynamic frequency range.
  • The mic is a budget-friendly mic.
  • Good sensitivity range, especially for loud instruments.
  • Comes with a windscreen, shock mount, and a storage case.
  • AKG C214 mic is easy to use.
  • Tends to give several audio adjustment options.
  • Comes with a warranty.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Low self-noise.
  • The sensitivity of this mic causes problems while performing indoors.
  • The voice of the mic is a bit brighter than average sometimes.
  • Not good for bass guitars.
  • Strives to give sharp noises at the elevated end.
  • The mic does not include the XLR cable.

 Pros and Cons of AKG C414

  • AKG C414 mic is a Large-diaphragm mic.
  • Offers nine polar patterns.
  • Dual capsules.
  • Comes with a shock mount.
  • Includes a windscreen of good quality.
  • It has a Pop filter that reduces background noises.
  • The settings of the mic offer a lock mode to avoid any inconvenience.
  • Has sweet and crystal-clear sound.
  • This exceptional mic has a versatile and durable metal body.
  • Equipped with advanced features.
  • Has an LCD status bar. 
  • The mic has multiple applications.
  • All-purpose microphone.
  • Very low self-disturbance or noise.
  • It is an ideal mic for musicians and singers.
  • The mic also offers a warranty.
  • This mic is a bit expensive.
  • Frequency range is not very wide.
  • The Package does not include an XLR cable.
  • Gives sharp noises sometimes at a high pitch.

Final Lines on AKG C214 vs C414 

So guys we are hopeful that you people have got much knowledge about the two worthy mics produced by the AKG brand.

We tried our best to cover them from each point. We have compared both the mics concerning their designs, features, and performances. In addition to this, we also compared the pros and cons of both the mics. So that you can get a clear cut idea about both the mics and you can purchase whatever suits you well.

On top of the article, you can get information about the frequency response, sensitivity, self-noise, polar pattern, microphone type, pads, color, weight, low cut filter, etc of both the mics. Although both the mics belong to the same family but differ in many points.

The biggest difference is in their prices. Both the mics are best in themselves and are very reliable and durable mic. It solely depends on your requirements and pocket what suits you best, you can order it.

As far as our recommendation is concerned, we will suggest you go for the AKG C214 mic as it is a worthy mic and very reliable and durable in performance. It is a multi-functional mic and designed with a combination of the best features.

The best reason which we are recommending this mic is its cost-effective price. The mic is not very expensive to buy. You can get a great mic at such a low price. Besides this, the mic is very light in weight to be carried easily from place to place and has a low self-noise to produce focused and crystal clear sound.

AKG C214 mic has an easy setup to be used by anyone. So that is why we highly recommend this mic. It will work for a long time with you and will never disappoint you on the way.


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