Top 4 Best Microphones For Outdoor Interviews | An In-Depth Review

If you are looking for the best microphones for outdoor interviews, then this article would help you the most.

Just scroll down and find how many best and premium quality mics we have gathered for you. They all are excellent in themselves and will benefit you a lot.

We did vast research on notch quality mics and grasped the top 10 mics along with their complete information to help you guys.

Before going deep into the article I would like to introduce my worthy readers to some of the basic points that, I believe, will help you a lot in purchasing a great mic used for interviews. 

Interviewing, whether you’re a beginner or a professional, can sometimes be a bit complicated, and without a suitable microphone setup, you won’t be capable of actually getting the job completed.

It may yet make or break the excellence of your interviews and mostly we don’t want to give up that.

Today we spent much time researching not only the special types of methods people use to interview others but which authentic microphones should be recommended as we sort from side to side all of the unique models out there that deluge the market.

Let’s first drive into what we should be considering, then we’ll supply you with our list of the best mics for outdoor interviews.

List of Best Mics for Outdoor Interviews


Rode NT-USB Versatile Studio-Quality USB Cardioid Condenser Microphone,Black

Rode NT-USB-Cardioid Condenser Microphone

  • USB Connectivity
  • 20-20Khz Frequency response
  • Unidirectional Polar Pattern

Shure SM58 Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone with On/Off Switch, Pneumatic Shock Mount, Spherical Mesh Grille with Built-in Pop Filter, A25D Mic Clip, Storage Bag, 3-pin XLR Connector (SM58S)

Shure SM58S Microphone

  • XLR connectivity
  • 50-15 Khz Frequency response
  • Unidirectional Polar Pattern

Shure PGA48-LC Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone with No Cable

Shure PGA48  Dynamic Microphone

  • XLR connectivity
  • 70-15Khz Frequency response
  • Unidirectional Ploar Pattern

1. Rode NT-USB-Cardioid Condenser Microphone

Rode NT-USB Versatile Studio-Quality USB Cardioid Condenser Microphone,Black

Rode brand has an ancient name in the Microphone market and a newly designed NT-Cardioid Condenser built with premium quality stand-design giving you ultra-connectivity and power-type sensors.

It is the best choice for its customers, as it tends to provide you with high-quality sound hence the best for interviews.

You will get a unique experience with its frequency response ranging from 20Hz – 20kHz.

Besides all the best qualities, this mic has easy compatibility with PC/Mac/IPad. Rode RT-USB Cardioid Microphone is a perfect companion for interviewers giving the most accurate and natural tones in top-quality sound.

I would say that Rode is a brand name to be highly recommended and used.

You will find it the companion of your projects, and the Microphone is a built-in stereotype silver-aluminum metallic capsule. 

This mic also makes it is sound more crystal and clear which gives you the best sound for outdoor interviews.

This microphone is well suited with together Windows and Mac computers and the Apple iPad via the USB camera union kit (accessible straight from Apple) Gain Setting.

When achieve is set high, the Microphone will be too diplomatic and can pick up room sound that can even heed as a hiss It is also very compatible with the SMR shock mount& WS2 foam windshield. Just go and catch this best opportunity now.

Features of Rode NT-USB Microphone

  • High-class studio mic with the practicality of USB connectivity
  • Explode defence; desk stands on a tripod, ring stand, storage bag, and 6m (20ft) USB Cable integrated.
  • 3.5mm stereo earphone jack for roam-free monitoring
  • Direct mix power among mic input and font output
  • well-matched with Apple iPad
  • The Cable is providing microphone length, which is when you are ideal-distanced from Microphone.
  • The Microphone has High-audio range quality.
  • Microphone sensitivity-to mic is too high, the sensors might damage. 
  • You firstly have to know how to adjust and then use it.

2. Shure SM58S Microphone

Shure SM58 Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone with On/Off Switch, Pneumatic Shock Mount, Spherical Mesh Grille with Built-in Pop Filter, A25D Mic Clip, Storage Bag, 3-pin XLR Connector (SM58S)

Shure is one of the most popular, creditable creators of microphones.

Their mics are not only of the best quality but are budget-friendly too.

The best performance of the Shure SM58 makes it one of the most favorite microphones of interviewers, music producers, streamers, and vocalists.

The Shure SM58 Dynamic Vocal Microphone offers a circumspectly tuned recurrence lift to around 4000Hz for smooth, velvety vocals that hang out in the blend.

Since a while ago connected with unrivaled sound and unparalleled unwavering quality, the Shure SM58 Dynamic Vocal Microphone broadly viewed as the world’s most well-known receiver.

Intended for proficient vocal use in sound fortification and studio recording, the Shure SM58 dynamic vocal mouthpiece utilizes an exceptionally productive inherent circular channel that limits wind and impact commotion.

The SM58’s customized voice reaction is an unbelievable sound that has gotten a world norm.

 Features of  Shure SM58 Microphone

  • Provide good sound quality.
  • Cardioid polar pattern.
  • Provides the frequency response of 50Hz to 15KHz
  • Lightweight, almost 0.661lbs
  • 6.3 inches long and 2 inches wide.
  • Comes with a protective carrying case and a stand adapter.
  • Durable product.
  • Handles the unbelievable amount of pressure.
  • The product has a built pop filter that provides smooth and natural sound.
  • Low-priced product.
  • The microphone has an on/off switch.
  • Shatterproof microphone.
  • Overall, the sound quality is good.
  • Consistent product.
  • Easy to handle and carry.
  • Comes with the stand adapter
  • The microphone is handheld, which can be an issue for some users.

3. Shure PGA48 Dynamic Microphone

Shure PGA48-LC Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone with No Cable

The next amazing mic used for outdoor interviews is Shure PGA48 Cardioid Dynamic Microphone which is an ultra-durable and price-friendly microphone necessary to be mentioned in this list.

There is no doubt about its reputation, especially when it comes to its quality.

The PGA48 features an updated industrial design with a black metal grate and a classic silver grille.

Initially designed for clarity in the standard vocal frequency range, it is on / off, allowing the user to mute the microphone as needed.

It is available with a mic clip, a stand adapter, and a zippered carrying bag.

Shure PGA48 comes in black colour. It offers only one polar pattern which is a cardioid polar pattern.

It also comes with an XLR cable. Also, you can mount the microphone with a stand adapter.

And if you want to carry your mic around while you travel the no worries because the zipper bag that comes with this mic has got your back

This is a sturdy microphone with pretty amazing at capturing clear and uninterrupted sounds hence best for interviews.

With the help of the microphone inputs, it is possible to connect this microphone with any sound recording or other devices.

Whether you want to record a karaoke or use it for public speaking like interviews you will have a great experience with this mic.

And obliviously it is quite a professional mic if you are considering using it for recording your interviews. It’s a great handheld microphone used for outdoor interviews.

 Features Shure PGA48 Microphone

  • A cardioid opposite image that takes sound from the source, eliminating unwanted noise.
  • Designed to clarify the standard frequency range of speech. The Frequency response of this microphone includes 70Hz-15 kHz, thus providing the best sounding experience.
  • Handheld microphone.
  • The dynamic cartridge does not require phantom power.
  • Cardioid polar pattern.
  • Designed with an On and Off switch.
  • Comes with super fantastic sound quality.
  • Most important is that it’s price friendly.
  • Excellent build quality.
  • This microphone can reject unwanted noise.
  • Can cope with high sound and temperature pressures.
  • The on/off switch feels a little flimsy.
  • Lacks bass response, and it is when compared to its more expensive siblings.

4. MXL 990, XLR Connector Microphone

MXL Instrument Condenser Microphone, XLR Connector, Champagne (MXL-990)

The MXL 990 is one in everything about chief imaginative microphones used for outdoor interviews.

Its essential top-notch capacitor receiver is accessible for best working.

The MXL 990, highlights a FET preamp and massive stomach for genuinely professional sound quality in advanced and straightforward chronicles.

This progressive mic keeps on astounding interviewers with its plush tight top-of-the-line propagation and strong bass and midrange.

This mouthpiece is the ideal expansion to outdoor interviews.

The MXL 990 has become a sound norm from being your first mouthpiece to return in and make all the difference when no other mic is available.

It has filled in as a dependable instrument in numerous sound-driven circumstances, especially for interviews.

It is best in terms of battery and sensitivity thus producing high-quality sound and making your audience interested to listen to you. 

Features of MXL 990 Microphone

  • Comes with a track condenser microphone that enables you to confine the best sound by facing it face to face.
  • Has an extreme cardioid sample, which makes it efficient.
  • Comes with a frequency response of 30 Hz to 20 kHz.
  • It has been selected carefully to make sure a sensitivity difference of up to 1 dB frequency.
  • Designed to give the best sounding experience to your audience.
  • Well suited for vocal and studio recordings.
  • Has decent sensitivity.
  • Very reliable and durable.
  • Works for a long time without creating a disturbance. 
  • Versatile performance on many sources
  • Cannot handle high SPL fonts

Key Takeaways on The Best Microphone for Outdoor Interviews

There are some top factors we want you to remember before going on to our selection.

Have a look at them. They will help you a lot in purchasing mics for outdoor interviews.

 1. Budget

First and foremost, your budget is going to be the most important thing when you are looking for the best mics for outdoor interviews.

In this article, we have placed all the best mics which are not only top-quality mics but also under $300. So you need not worry about the price of mics.

They all have different prices so whatever suits your pocket range, you can get that.

 2. Environment

The second important factor on our list is the environment which affects a lot while interviewing outdoors.

For this purpose, you need to purchase those mics which prevent background noise.

It would be far better if you catch those mics which have low sensitivity toward the external environment.

Here, we listed only those mics which avoid external noise and will provide you with crystal clear and focused sound. 

 3. Battery life

You need to consider the battery life of your mic.

As you need to take the interviews outdoors so a mic with less battery time will disturb you. Must consider mics with a battery life of about 6 to 8 hours of time.

This will help you fulfill your purpose. 

 4. Crisp and clear sound

Always go for those mics which produce a crisp and clear sound.

This will help you engage your readers with your interviews and will also make your interview effective.

If you compromise on the quality of sound, then you won’t expect that audience will ever like you to listen. All the mics here produce crystal clear sound and will win your audience’s heart. So try them once at least. 

 5. User-Friendly

The next important feature of good microphones for outdoor interviews is that they should be user-friendly, which means that it should be pretty easy for a user to operate the mic without facing any difficulties.

The functions and features of the microphone should not be too much complicated. 

 6. Polar pattern

A polar pattern is the ability of the microphone to pick up the voice from different angles.

Cardioid, omnidirectional, and bidirectional polar patterns are the three types of polar patterns.

This cardioid polar pattern is considered best for streaming because it blocks the noise from the surrounding. So you need to consider mics with good polar patterns.

Basic Types of Mics Used for Outdoor Interviews

There are two basic types of mics that are used for outdoor interviews. They are Lavalier Mics and Shotgun Mics, Let us discuss them one by one.

1. Lavalier Microphones

Lavalier mics are top-quality mics used for different purposes like for recording interviews, presentations, film making, etc.

They are high in price and have a complex setup thus need to be used by only professionals.

Novice people can’t use them. They perform best in different fields but just need to carry them with great care.

2. Shotgun Microphones

These mics are usually attached to the actual video camera when you use them for recording interviews. They are long, skinny, and focus directly on your interviews.

The basic point which distinguishes them from Lavalier mics is that shotgun mics are well-matched with DSLR video cameras. 

You can use both types of mics for outdoor interviews either Lavalier or Shotgun. Both types are good. It solely depends on your choice and needs whatever suits you best. 

Final Thoughts on Best Mic for Interviews Outside 

After listing the top mics along with their specifications, pros, and cons, we are hopeful that you will get much information and knowledge about what mics you should be used for outdoor interviews.

They all speak for their best qualities hence they are best to use.

They are under $300 price and come with additional features as well.

We will suggest you have a look at them and order whatever suits your choices and needs.

If you people are confused about the above-enlisted products and need our recommendation, then here we are going to suggest you three top mics which are price-worthy, top-notch quality brands, will work for a long time, and will never disappoint you. So go for: 

  • New Sony Calibration Mic Measurement Microphone ECM-AC2.
  • Sennheiser MD421-11.
  • Neumann U 87 Ai.

These three mics beat all other mics, specially designed for outdoor interviews.

They have good battery lives, low sensitivity, and crisp clear sound production.

So you need to try them once.

They will work for a long time and will never disappoint you on your way. So go and catch whatever suits you well. 

FAQs on Best Mic for Outdoor Interviews 

Does Shure PGA48 Cardioid Dynamic Microphone needs any batteries?

No, Shure PGA48 does not require any kind of battery.

This is a wired cardioid dynamic microphone it uses an XLR cable. The XLR cable is included in the package and is of excellent quality if you want be having any issues with the cable. 

Does Shure PGA48 Cardioid Dynamic Microphone comes with a shock mount? What shock mount is best for this mic?

No, we are sorry this mic doesn’t come with a shock mount. In case you require one you will need to purchase it on your own. We will like to recommend you XLR 3-Pin Female to 1/4” Mono or Stereo plug shielded mic cable card you can easily find it on Amazon.

How’s the sound quality of the Shure PGA48 Cardioid Dynamic Microphone? Does it have a good volume?

The sound quality of this microphone is extremely amazing compared to its low price. It is best to use for outdoor interviews as it does not pick up any outside noises and sounds.

The volume of this mic is also very good. You can adjust it with your choice with ease. We will recommend you to keep the volume in the middle for amazing results.

Can we connect MXL 990 microphone with a computer?

Yes, you can connect the MXL 990 microphone to your pc or Mac via Bluetooth. But for this, you will require voice or audio interference and an XLR cable as well.

You have to purchase both these products separately as they are not included in the package. You can find both on Amazon. 

Does MXL 990 microphone comes with a shock mount?

Yes, this mic does come with a shock mount so you don’t have to purchase one on your own. This shock mount is of good quality. The package also includes a stand mic adapter which is pretty amazing.

Where is Lewitt LCT 440 microphone manufactured?

Lewitt is an Austrian company it manufactures all of its microphones in Austria. So yeah Lewitt LCT 440 microphone is officially made in Austria. These microphones are quite reliable and of good quality.

Does Lewitt LCT 440 microphone require an XLR cable?

Yes, since it is a wired microphone so it does require an XLR cable.

However, the Lewitt LCT 440 microphone does not come with an XLR cable which means you have to purchase it on your own separately.

To get the maximum output from this mic we also recommend you to get an audio interface of 48V phantom power.

Does Neumann U 87 Ai microphone offers or comes with a warranty?

No, this microphone from the Neumann family does not come with a warranty.

But you don’t have to worry about it because the performance of this microphone is quite amazing and it won’t create any problems for you. You are actually going to enjoy working with it.

Does the MXL 990 microphone include an on-and-off switch?

No, usually the XLR mics do not come with an on-and-off switch or button. However, this mic has a mute switch so you can unmute it anytime you want rather than switching it off.

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