Mogami 3104 vs Canare 4s11 Speaker Cables | In-depth Look

The Mogami 3104 vs Canare 4s11 debate is one of the most popular topics among live sound technicians and sound engineers. These cables are both popular and do not cost a lot of money. They are very well-known, which makes sense because they’re both great tools in a sound engineer’s toolbox. If you’re considering buying any of the two, this review will help you make a decision.

The main difference between Mogami 3104 and Canare 4s11 is that Mogami has a better sound stage than Canare. What does this mean? A sound stage is an area between the speakers where your music is coming from. It’s also how wide and deep you hear your music as well. Mogami has a wider sound stage than Canare because it uses a different conductor material than Canare.

The conductor material they use in cables affects how well they transmit an electrical signal down the wire from one end to the other. The less interference there is, the clearer your sound will be.

Comparison table of Mogami 3104 vs Canare 4s11

ParametersMogami 3104Canare 4s11
DC Resistance0.005 ohm/m (20℃)0.0088 ohm/m (20℃)
Conductor Section4 mm² (12 AWG)2.05 mm² (15 AWG)
Cable Diameter14.5mm27.6mm
Insulation TypePolyvinyl Chloride (PVC)Polyethylene (PE)
Conductor MaterialOxygen-free Copperflexible Polyvinyl Chloride
Voltage BreakdownMust withstand at 500V DC / 15sMust withstand at DC 500V/15sec
Core ColorsBlackBrown / Red / Orange / Yellow
Inductance (1kHz, 20°C)0.6µH/m0.7µH/m
Insulation Resistance-10000 MΩ × m Min. at DC 125V, 20°C
Applicable Temperature-20°C‾+70°C (-4°F‾+158°F)

About Mogami 3104

The Mogami 3104 cable is an excellent choice for use with mic, studio, and live applications. It features the Best quality Japanese 6N Neglex 3 OFC Copper with fundamentally low resistance and capacitance. The device consists of 4 huge woven cores each 4mm square of extremely thin stranded copper which equates to a massive 6awg per side.

It ensures excellent conductivity of the audio signal while considerably limiting interference and therefore parasitic noise. This thus ensures precise and transparent signal reproduction. It also ensures precise and transparent signal reproduction. The PVC sheath allows for easy assembly and installation.

About Canare 4s11

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty speaker cable with 4 x 14 AWG conductors, look no further. The Canare 4S11 is suited for long runs and low-end power amplifier sub-woofer systems. The 4S11 offers super flexibility even in sub-zero weather and features a Star Quad design to reduce EMI noise while maintaining a high-performance PVC jacket that stands up to bending and twisting.

It has super flexibility and features a large-diameter PVC jacket that stands up to bending and twisting. This cable has been tested in sub-zero weather conditions as well as at extremely high temperatures, so you can be sure it will stay intact during long gig sessions or over time even in harsh environments.

Benefits of the Mogami 3104

The Mogami 3104 is a premium microphone cable that has been used by many professional musicians and audio engineers in recording studios around the world. It’s an affordable cable that can be found for less than $50, which makes it a great choice for budget-conscious musicians and producers. Here are some of the benefits of using this cable:

1. High-quality sound  

The Mogami 3104 is made with high-quality copper wire that provides a clear, crisp sound without any interference or noise. The cable doesn’t pick up radio frequencies or electrical hums from other devices, so you’ll get a clean recording every time.

2. Good flexibility 

This cable can bend, twist and turn without damaging its internal wires or shielding. This makes it ideal for use on stage where you may have to move around while performing with your band or DJ set up.

3. Excellent durability  

The Mogami 3104 is built to last through years of heavy use. The connectors are strong enough to withstand pulling and tugging when plugging into different devices, making this cable ideal for stage use where cables may get yanked on accidentally by other performers or audience members as well as during transport between gigs or recording sessions.

4. Low capacitance

Mogami 3104 also features a low capacitance value to ensure that all signals are received from your microphone or instrument with minimal loss of high frequencies over long distances. This makes it ideal for use with condenser microphones, which require a low capacitance value for optimum performance.

5. High voltage support

The Mogami 3104 can handle high voltage signals up to 30Vrms (1kHz), making it suitable for use in professional studios that require high-level audio signals when recording music or voice tracks.

Benefits of the Canare 4s11

The following are the benefits of using the Canare 4s11:

1. Easy installation

The 4S11 is an easy cable to install. The center conductor is insulated and stranded, making it easy to strip, even in the tightest spaces. The outer shield is braided, but not too flexible, making it easy to pull through tight bends without stretching and breaking the shield.

2. Lowest attenuation (loss) of any VHF/UHF cable

The 4S11 has a very low loss (attenuation), which means that it will cause less interference with other components such as amplifiers and antenna connections. This lets you get more signal from your antenna and better reception from your TV or radio.

3. Durability and Flexibility

The Canare 4s11 cables are extremely durable, due to their tight band shield. This makes them ideal for use with microphones and other high-quality sound equipment. The flexibility of these cables also makes them easy to store and transport.

4. High-Quality Construction  

The Canare 4s11 has an oxygen-free copper center conductor that provides excellent signal transfer properties, as well as flexibility and durability. The braided copper shield helps prevent interference from electromagnetic radiation and radio frequency interference (RFI).

Pros and Cons of Mogami 3104 and Canare 4s11

Mogami 3104 and Canare 4s11 are two popular speaker cables that are often used in high-end audio systems. Here are some of the pros and cons of each:

Mogami 3104


    • High-quality construction: Mogami 3104 uses high-quality copper conductors that are oxygen-free and silver-coated. The cable is also shielded to reduce interference and noise.
    • Clear and detailed sound: Mogami 3104 is known for delivering a clear and detailed sound with excellent frequency response.
    • Durable: Mogami 3104 is built to last, with a rugged outer jacket and high-quality connectors.


    • Price: Mogami 3104 is one of the more expensive speaker cables on the market, which can be a barrier for some consumers.
    • Limited lengths: Mogami 3104 is only available in certain lengths, which can make it difficult to use in some setups.

Canare 4s11


    • Excellent sound quality: Canare 4s11 is known for delivering a detailed and balanced sound with excellent clarity and definition.
    • Affordable: Canare 4s11 is less expensive than many other high-end speaker cables, which makes it a popular choice for budget-conscious audiophiles.
    • Available in multiple lengths: Canare 4s11 is available in a wide range of lengths, which makes it easier to find a cable that will work in your setup.


    • Not as durable: Canare 4s11 is not as rugged as some other high-end speaker cables, which can make it more prone to wear and tear over time.
    • Limited shielding: Canare 4s11 does not have as much shielding as some other high-end speaker cables, which can make it more susceptible to interference and noise.

Overall, both Mogami 3104 and Canare 4s11 have their strengths and weaknesses. When choosing between these two speaker cables, it’s important to consider your individual needs and budget. Both cables are capable of delivering excellent sound quality, but Mogami 3104 is more durable and shielded, while Canare 4s11 is more affordable and available in a wider range of lengths.

Mogami 3104 vs Canare 4s11; Which Is Better?

In my opinion, both the Mogami 3104 and Canare 4s11 are great choices in terms of sound quality, durability, and reliability. If you are looking for something that will last you a long time without breaking down then both cables will do the job perfectly well for you.

However, if you want something with better sound quality then I would go with the Mogami 3104 because it does have slightly better specs than what we see from the Canare 4s11. Also, if you check the reviews on both, more people lean towards Mogami than Canare.

Final Thoughts on Mogami 3104 vs Canare 4s11

It was no doubt a tough choice, and a lot of these factors will likely depend on the exact application you plan to use each cable for. But what matters most is if you can get accurate signal transmission and effectively minimize signal loss. The results proved that the Mogami 3104 cable was superior in all aspects we wanted, so if you can afford it, we recommend picking this up.