Will An External USB Microphone Work With My PS4?

The PS4 (PlayStation 4) has quickly become a mainstream entertainment device, with millions of copies sold worldwide. These days, if you’re looking to start a gaming channel on YouTube, a microphone is pretty much a necessity.

It will help your channel stand out from the crowd and boost your video quality. The PlayStation 4 is compatible with a few different types of external microphones and capture devices, but the most common type is the USB microphone.

If you’re thinking about recording your gameplay and putting it on the net, you want to make sure you record with the highest quality possible.

There are numerous microphones on the market. Many will work great for in-game sound, but very few will produce top-notch audio for broadcasting over the internet. This is why so many people ask, “Will an external USB microphone work with my PS4?“.

Yes, you can use an external USB microphone with your PS4. If you want to use a microphone for voice chat, the PS4 has a built-in microphone that you can use for this purpose. However, an external USB microphone is more suitable for this purpose if you want to record better quality audio, such as voiceovers or commentary.

How To Connect a USB Mic To PS4

The PlayStation 4 is a great console to play your favorite games on. If you want to use the PS4 as a media hub, you can connect a USB microphone and use it for voice chat or any other purpose. The best thing about using a USB mic is that it doesn’t require any additional hardware or software. You just plug it in and start using it.

The PlayStation 4 has several different input options for audio. You can use the headphone jack on the controller or connect a headset or headphones with a 3.5mm cable.

The PlayStation 4 also has an optical out for connecting to a home theater receiver or sound bar, but if you want to use a USB microphone with the PS4, you need to connect it directly to the console using an adapter.

Follow these guidelines to connect a USB Microphone to PS4 easily:

  • Your Play Station (PS4) has a USB port to connect it to the mic, after which you have to set your mic on the PS4 audio settings to work properly.
  • Go to Settings on your PS4
  • Go down to Devices and click on it
  • Move down to audio devices and Click on Input and output Device to select your USB mic
  • You can also adjust your mic volume in audio device settings.
  • Adjust the microphone level by testing the mic. You will notice the line bar going up and down when you speak to the speaker, it simply means you are good to go

Does The PS4 Controller Have a Built-in Mic?

The PS4 controller doesn’t have a built-in mic. This means that you’ll have to use your headset or headphones and connect them to the controller through a USB or 3.5mm jack.

The PS4 controller’s headphone jack is compatible with any headset or speaker. It also has an optical audio port, which provides 5.1 channel surround sound output through an optical cable. This means you can plug your headset into the controller and use it with most gaming headsets.

The PS4 controller also has several other features, such as an LED light bar, which can be used to indicate power, audio, and video activity, as well as player status information such as battery life and number of players on a game session.

The PS4 controller uses Bluetooth technology to connect with other devices with Bluetooth connectivity, such as mobile phones and tablets.

Can You Connect Any Mic to PS4?

The PlayStation 4 can be used with a variety of different headsets, so you’re not just limited to official models. You can use third-party headsets that connect via the 3.5mm jack or USB dongle and even older headsets that plug into the PS3 controller without any problems.

Some third-party headsets may come bundled with their dedicated app for additional features and customization options (such as Dolby Atmos), but you don’t need these apps to get started. Connect your headset to your console, do the necessary settings or confirmation and start playing!

There are two ways to connect a microphone to your PS4. The first is with a wired headset with a USB adapter for the mic, and the second is with a wireless headset with its own Bluetooth receiver. You can also use an external USB adapter instead of the one built into your headset.

If you’re using an external adapter, make sure it’s compatible with your audio device before purchasing it.

Can You Use The Phone As a Mic on PS4?

You can use your phone as a microphone to talk with PS4 with the help of the PS remote player Application. The PS4 remote is a Bluetooth device that allows you to control your PS4 from the comfort of your couch. It’s much like an Apple TV remote but has a few extra features. One of those features is the ability to take calls from your phone and stream audio from it through the PS4.

To use this feature, all you need to do is pair your phone with the PS4 remote and then turn on Bluetooth on both devices. You’ll be able to answer calls just like any other Bluetooth device would work on your phone, but there might be some latency depending on how far away you are from your PlayStation 4 console.

In order to use the phone as a microphone, you need to install “Remote Play” on your phone. The app is free and available on both iOS and Android platforms. To activate the microphone function, open the app and select “Start Game.” After that, connect your cell phone to PS4 via Bluetooth and start playing games.

If you want to use the microphone while playing games, you should enable voice chat mode in the Remote Play settings on your phone.

Best external USB Microphone On The Market

1. Cosycost USB Microphone, Condenser Computer PC Gaming Mic for PS4

Cosycost USB Microphone,Condenser Computer PC Gaming Mic for PS4/5 Laptop Windows Mac OS Android Phone,Noise Cancelling Instant Mute,Studio Mic for ASMR,Voice,Music Recording,Podcasting,Streaming


It’s time to conquer the vast world of streaming, gaming, and music recording with a premium USB microphone. The Cosycost USB Microphone is a studio-quality condenser microphone that captures HD Voice and Music in high-fidelity audio.

Get ready to raise your game with this essential gaming and streaming device. The USB Microphone can be plugged directly into your game or laptop’s audio jack.

It does not require a sound card or special software to be installed. The mic doesn’t try to complicate things by adding too many unnecessary functions and doesn’t force users to memorize an intricate web of settings as it just works as it should.

2. AUDIOPRO Computer Condenser Gaming Mic for PS4

USB Microphone - AUDIOPRO Computer Condenser Gaming Mic for PC/Laptop/Phone/PS4/5, Headphone Output, Volume Control, USB Type C Plug and Play, LED Mute Button, for Streaming, Podcast, Studio Recording


The AUDIOPRO Computer Condenser Gaming Mic USB sound for PS4 is the perfect thing to best your game. This product is engineered to provide sound and mic clarity in the most challenging conditions without sacrificing dynamic fidelity from your gaming headset.

Whether you’re an avid gamer or just want to produce top-quality audio for your game section, this microphone will surely provide you with a recording quality that you can rely on. So whether you love watching movies or playing a game with friends online, this is your mic.

3. USB Streaming Podcast PC Microphone, SUDOTACK Professional

USB Streaming Podcast PC Microphone, SUDOTACK Professional 192KHZ/24Bit Studio Cardioid Condenser Mic Kit with Sound Card Boom Arm Shock Mount Pop Filter, for Skype Youtuber Karaoke Gaming RecordingCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

SUDOTACK Professional is a professional USB Microphone that supports file recording and playback at a high sampling rate (192KHZ / 24Bit), convenient to use.

The USB built-in microphone allows you to easily connect it to any audio interface via USB cables, such as PS4, DJ mixer, audio recorder, or other audio devices. With its 3.5mm stereo mini cable and standard 3.5mm phone plug, SUDOTACK Professional is compatible with PS4 and quite easy to connect.

4. Samson SAGOMIC Go Mic Portable USB Condenser Microphone

Samson SAGOMIC Go Mic Portable USB Condenser Microphone


Easy to carry, the Samson SAGOMIC Go Mic Portable USB Condenser Microphone is a must-have for your next game recording production. Equipped with a lightweight and durable build, the Go Mic is ideal for recording your voice or chat while playing PS4.

By connecting it to your game or laptop’s USB port, you can easily record plays right away and transfer them to your favorite blogs or applications. This all-inclusive audio recording accessory also supports loop playback as an efficient way to practice or perform a song in preparation for an event.

Conclusion – Will an External USB Microphone Work With my PS4?

The short answer is yes. USB microphones work perfectly well with the PS4. But why would you want to connect your microphone to your PS4 in the first place?

Well, there are a few reasons that make this a compelling choice. For instance, if you play games online and want to use video chat software to talk with your friends, an external USB microphone is better than whatever you’re using now.

You might also enjoy superior audio quality when recording or streaming gameplay footage with a good external microphone. In any case, it’s worth your time to consider whether an external microphone would benefit you as a gamer.

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