What Is The Difference Between Podcast And Streaming Media?

Being a part of the ever-growing virtual community, many of you might already be familiar with the terms podcast and streaming. But many of you might not be aware of the Difference Between Podcast And Streaming Media.

While a podcast is basically an audio file that users can access via the internet, streaming is the process through which you can watch either an audio or video in real-time without feeling the need to download the content in order to access it.

More and more people are using these platforms each day to share their content with a certain audience.

In this article, we are going to give you detailed information about both podcast and streaming media, in order for you to grasp these terms more properly.

What is podcasting and how does it work?

Let us first start with explaining podcasting.

Basically, a podcast is a series of audios or episodes where a speaker talks on a certain topic and shares information with the audience.

Podcasts are always pre-recorded and released so that one can listen and access them any time they want.

The topic or niche of each podcast is wisely selected keeping in view the preference of the targeted audience.

Unlike the radio shows, one can choose the topic or issue that one is interested in to listen from a wide variety of different podcasts that are available over the internet.

For recording a podcast, one might need a studio or a free space without any noise that might disturb the recording.

Next good quality microphones are required for recording the audio.

A podcast can have more than one speaker on a certain issue.

Once a podcast is recorded, it is then edited and published on various websites and platforms where the audience can find them.

Anyone can record a podcast provided one has a good topic, speakers, and recording equipment.


What is streaming media and how does it work?

Streaming media allows us to watch and listen to videos and audios just like we do on television with the difference that this audio and video content is available on the internet and does not need to be downloaded.

With the help of streaming media, we can watch movies, seasons, and our favorite TV shows or we can also video call our friends a family across the world or attend a virtual meeting and conference.

When you access audio or video through streaming media it would be played on your device in real-time.

You can access the content on streaming media any time you want without the need of downloading it.

Because the content that we access via the streaming media is already stored on the web rather than on your device.

Streaming media uses moving packets of data for the continuous flow of audio and video content over the internet.

So, you won’t be experiencing any delay in watching or listening to an audio or video.

There are various streaming media and apps such as Netflix, Disney +, and Spotify.


Difference between podcast and broadcast


  • A podcast is a pre-recorded audio and video content that an audience can access on the internet either in real-time or can also be downloaded. While a broadcast is the live transmission of audio or video content on electronic media such as television and radio.


  • As podcasts are always pre-recorded they do not follow a specific streaming time and while in broadcasting the content needs to appear or made available on the communication mediums at a specific time.


  • Podcasts are designed and edited for a specific audience as they choose a certain niche and only people interested in that niche and topic access them.


  • While a broadcast is accessed by a larger number of people despite the fact that either it is of their interest or not. So, you can stream a podcast with your own choice while in a broadcast you do not have a choice in choosing the content.


  • Broadcasts are always live but podcasts are edited before publishing.


  • Broadcasts follow certain regulations while on podcasts there are no regulations and one can talk on any topic.


  • After the podcasts are published you can find them anytime even after years on the internet but a program once broadcasted on electronic communications medium can’t be shown again.

Difference between podcast and youtube

YouTube is one of the most widely used social media platforms across the globe.

It contains various types of videos and content such as vlogs, news, educational stuff, movies, drams, and comedy skits.

It’s a full package of entertainment giving the user to choice from a wide variety of content. Moreover, YouTube is a free platform.

All you need is to download the app and watch videos without any interruption or problem. You just require a stable internet connection.

The content on YouTube is mainly uploaded by users themselves, which means people can share their own videos or content freely and can also earn from it based on the views and originality of the content.

On the other hand, podcasts mainly focus on audio and niches. They too are uploaded by the users themselves.

For making YouTube content you will require a lot of effort and of course equipment while for podcasts you only need microphones and a calm environment.

Thus, making videos require a high level of professionalism and more time than recording simple audio for a podcast.

But if we talk about video vs audio content people mainly prefer to watch videos as they are more entertaining than audios, this has made YouTube a more successful platform and thus podcasts are still struggling to make a place over the internet.

Difference between podcast and radio

Podcasts belong to the streaming media and require the internet while radio belongs to the broadcasting world.

Unlike podcasts, radio content cannot be pre-recorded and is only broadcasted at a specific time.

So, there are chances that you might sometimes miss your favorite radio program as it is hard to stick to a schedule these days.

But in podcasts, you don’t have to face the problems of tuning in between or missing the show as they are already recorded.

Radio shows are broadcasted through radio stations while podcasts can be recorded and upload by anyone.

Radio shows mostly target a mass audience by discussing a variety of issues and topics meanwhile in podcasts the speakers usually discuss a certain topic such as mental health for instance.

One might get bore and switch to another show while listening to a radio program but as podcasts are on a certain topic so one might always choose the one with the topic that interests them to avoid the problem of getting bored.

What does it mean to stream a podcast?

Steaming is simple words is a process of delivering audio and video content over the internet.

The content can either be live or recorded.

Podcasts use the streaming process to publish the audio content or make it available on the internet for an audience.

Thus, to stream a podcast one first need to record content, edit it then publish it.

To make it simpler for the readers we would like to add that when you hear someone saying stream a podcast that simply means to view or access the recorded audio or video file that is available on various podcasting websites such as Spotify or iTunes etc.

In streaming, you can also find options for both live-recorded streamings.

In live podcast streaming, you have to share the audio just like they do in the radio programs. It can also be made available for the audience to access or download after the live stream.

Is it better to stream or download podcasts?

While the internet gives you both the option of downloading a streaming a podcast, which option is more effective totally depends on one’s own circumstances and preferences.

Also streaming a podcast might consume your internet battery while downloading a podcast will consume the hard drive of your device.

In case you have a slow internet connection or you want to travel somewhere then you can always try downloading your favorite podcasts to listen on the way without any wi-fi.

Downloading might also give you an option to listen to or resume the podcast again and again.

Downloading a podcast also saves you from refreshing the podcast again and again if the internet signals are poor.

In case you have a good internet connection and you are just avoiding using your device’s storage space then we will definitely recommend you to stream a podcast on your device.

You can access any options after accessing your needs and circumstances.

Does streaming a podcast count as a download?

When you stream a podcast that means you are playing it live on the app with the help of the internet and no data is stored on your device.

While downloading means saving the data on your device.

So, whenever you play a podcast on your app that simply means you are only streaming it a most of the apps are already set to streaming by default unless you choose to download by changing the settings.

Many beginners and even the ones who are old to listening podcasts prefer to stream them online as it gives you time-lapse about how many podcasts you have covered listening.

But many people in order to avoid internet issues and not to get interrupted in between download the podcast.

In order to download you just have to switch to the downloading option instead of streaming. But some streaming media like YouTube does not always give you an option to download a podcast.


What consumes more data streaming or downloading?

Steaming the content means that you physically do not have the content or media file on your device as you are viewing it over the internet while downloading means that you physically have the file saved in your device.

Both options have their pros and cons. When you download a file that means you can access it as many times as you want while streaming will require the transfer of data every time you click on that play button.

Downloading might also affect the quality of the audio but it will save you data.

But if we clearly access both options, we would see that both options consume the same amount of data in some way or another.

Because in both options the audio or information will be copied on your device with the difference that you can access that copy without always re-copying it with the help of downloading.

In order to better understand which consumes more data, you have to keep track of your habits.

What is the benefit of downloading podcasts?

A lot of people actually prefer to download podcasts than to stream them online because the major benefit of downloading a podcast is that you can listen to it again with the privilege of avoiding the unnecessary interruption of the internet and thus can save your precious time.

Downloading a podcast might also allow you to listen to your favorite episode while you jog, travel, or do your chores.

Downloading makes it more convenient for you to access the files as you do not always have to open the apps, watch ads or wait for a few minutes before the podcast loads.

Can I listen to podcasts without using data?

While accessing or streaming a podcast online a certain amount of your data will be used in the process to store information or a file.

To avoid getting your data from this consumption the only option you can avail is to download a podcast.

A number of different websites and apps now low you to download your podcast which will only take a few minutes but will save your data.

However, the downloading process will also consume your device storage but at the same time, it will save your data because while streaming online it is at a greater risk of excessive consumption due to a lot of factors.

So, to avoid all the potential risks to data consumption downloading is always a better option to enjoy your podcasts.


Streaming and podcasts are taking over the traditional broadcasting methods such as those on radio and television because of their ease of use, convenience, and advanced qualities.

While streaming is the process through which the content is transmitted over the internet for the users to access.

The podcast is audio content on a particular niche or topic that is first recorded, edited then published for the audience to listen to.

Recording content for podcasts is much easier than recording videos for YouTube but YouTube is a more popular platform than podcasts because of its wide variety of content options.

Unlike podcasts radio shows are only broadcasted at a particular time and targets a large audience.

While some people like to stream a podcast online, many prefer to download and listen to it because of the many benefits of downloading.

The most important benefit of listening to a downloaded podcast is that it consumes fewer data.



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