How to Use Beats Mic on PC

Do you want to do some recordings without your PC’s in-built microphone? Do you want to do some recordings on your pc using the beats microphone? Beats’ microphone has an excellent sound quality and your voice will be more clear, they also possess low frequency thus you have no problems with electromagnetism. 

Hence, if you want to learn how to use a beats mic on pc and also how to connect your beats mic to your PC but don’t know-how, you are at the right place. In this article, you’ll learn how to use a beats mic on a pc. Read on.

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How to Use Beats Mic on PC

Here is how to use beats mic on pc;

  1. First, ensure your beat’s mic is turned off.
  2. Then press the power button for about 5 seconds till the indicator light comes on. This will help connect your beats mic.
  3. Using your pc keyboard, locate and click on both the Windows logo key and I key simultaneously to reach the Windows settings. 
  4. Click on Devices. 
  5. On the left side of the screen, click on Bluetooth & other devices and turn on the Bluetooth icon.
  6. Then click the plus icon close to the Add Bluetooth or other device and click Bluetooth. 
  7. Next, from the list of the discovered Bluetooth devices, click on your beat’s mic and follow all the stated instructions on the screen. 

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How to Enable and Disable the Beats Mic on PC

If you have connected your beats mic and set it as the default input device but it is still not working, it could be because the sound was disabled in sound settings.

You can rectify it using the Device properties (to enable or disable your beats mic if it was set up as your default input device) or the “Manage sound devices” option (To enable/disable one or more mics). 

Using the Device properties. 

  1. Open the Settings and tap on the “System” section. Then click on the “sound” section. Then click on the “Device properties” option. 
  2. Then enable your beats Mic as the default to increase/decrease the volume, you can drag the navigator on the volume bar to the right or left.

Then, to disable, click on to clear or check the “Disable” option to turn off the connection of the pc to the bear’s Mic. 

Using the “Manage sound devices” option. If you want to disable or enable any Mic to your mics, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings and tap on the “system” section.
  2. Then click on the “sound” section and beneath the “input” section, locate and click on the “Manage sound devices” option. Then click on the microphone.
  3. Then you can click on the “Disable/Enable” button to either enable or disable the beats mic from the PC.

Having too many microphones connected to your PC can interrupt the functioning of your beats Mic. Hence, following the steps above will disable all mics that are attached to the PC.

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How to Adjust the Beats Microphone Volume on Your PC

You can increase or decrease the volume of your beats microphone on the PC. You can manually adjust the Mic volume to your preference. This is important when using the beats mic but your teammates can not hear you.  

Hence, to adjust the current beats microphone input volume, follow these steps:

Click on the “System” located on your settings tab and click on the “Sound” tab and then click on the “sound control panel” option.

Then select “Recording” and then click on “Microphone“. Next click on the “properties” button.

Next, click on the “Levels” tab and then drag the “Microphone Boost” slider. To increase the sound, drag it to the right and to the left, for a smaller sound. 

Troubleshooting Beats Mic Issues On Your PC 

Here is a method we recommend for troubleshooting beats Mic issues on your Pc. You can troubleshoot the beat Mic problem by allowing apps to access the Mic. 

Normally, your default settings is restricting your apps automatically from accessing the Mic connected to the PC. Hence, you have to set some modifications in your settings to allow the microphone to access your apps and system:

  1. Search for “privacy settings” located below the start menu and click on the “Microphone” section.
  2. Then select the “change” tap to switch on the toggle that grants the app access to the beat mic. That’s it, follow the steps above to troubleshoot beats Mic issues on PC. 

What to Do if Your PC Can Not Connect to Your Beats Mic

If your Pc can’t connect to the Beats Mic, here are some methods you can take to tackle the problem. You do not have to try all the methods, just select the one that best solves your issue. 

1. Enable your Bluetooth driver via Device Manager

If your Bluetooth driver is disabled you might find it difficult to reconnect your beats mic to the PC. Hence, to fix this issue, you will have to manually enable the “driver “in the “Device Manager”.

  • Right-click the Start button on your PC, and click on Device Manager.
  • To locate your beat mic, go through the Bluetooth entry, or the game, video, and sound controllers.
  • And if there is a down arrow icon located on the bears, you should right-click on the Device and select Enable device.

2. Turn off Bluetooth in every device that is connected to your Beats Mic

Turning off your Beats Mic or earphones automatically reconnect the previous device you last used them with. If your beats were last connected to a different device other than your PC,  Then you can off the Bluetooth on the entire devices they worked with to help solve this issue.

3. Update your Bluetooth driver

When you have an outraged or a missing Bluetooth driver, you might get distracted from detecting your beats mic. Hence, you should update your Bluetooth driver to see if the problem gets fixed. 

If you do have the computer skills or the time to manually update your Bluetooth driver, you can fix the issue automatically using Driver Easy.

Drivers easily help update your Bluetooth driver, you do not have to worry about making a mistake when installing and you can rest assured of installing the right driver.

Simply download and install Driver easily. Open up the app and tap on Scan now. The app will go through your PC and locate any south problem drivers.

Next, click on Update, this can be located alongside any flagged device to automatically download the right version of their drivers and you can install them manually. You can click Update All to download and install them all automatically.

4. Hold down your beats’ mic power button for a while

To turn on your beats mic, you can long-press the power button 

When having trouble connecting your beats mic to PC. Holding it for a longer time, for like 10 seconds can help connect the beats Mic to the PC. 

Why Is My Beats Mic Not Working On PC?

Your beats mic will have issues connecting to the PC if the headset plug is not secured tightly. The beats mic would not work on the pc if the socket is unclear and not clean. Hence, check if the microphone that is located behind the remote is not covered or blocked. 

If you do not want to use the beats Mic, another alternative is the in-built Mic headphones. There are very popular among people who are working from home.

However, not all headsets are easy to set up; most times, you will require to make some settings to help them work properly, especially when using these on a PC. 

You can configure a variety of devices simultaneously and personalize your sound settiNGS according to different events with your PC. However, this can result in the distraction of your PC as to which device to use for certain settings. 

This is why, if your headphone is having issues working, it’s mostly because your PC does not acknowledge it as the default input device.

Here is how you can set your headset as the default device:

  1. First, ensure that the headset and its components are set up properly. Then click on the sound icon(located around the right corner of the screen) to find the sound settings.
  2. Then click to open the sound control panel (right of settings).
  3. Set your headphone as the default input device for the control panel. 

In Conclusion

Using your pc with a beat mic can be great especially when recording, during online meetings, or when performing a thing that requires a Mic.

If your beat Mic works properly, you can rest assured in performing different online tasks properly. So,  do you have any questions or comments about beats Mic? Kindly drop them in the comments section.

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