How To Connect Microphone To Bluetooth Speaker?

You will find two types of microphones in the market one will be a wired mic that we usually see around us and the other is a wireless mic also known as a digital mic.

Both perform the same function which is amplifying the sounds. The only difference between the two is that the wired mic uses analog signals whereas a digital microphone uses digital signals in order to operate.

Wired mics are more conventional and widely used because they can be paired up with any device but recently people are preferring digital mics as well.

In case you have your wired mic still in use and you are looking for ways to connect it with Bluetooth or a wireless speaker then you are exactly at the right place.

Because in this article we are going to discuss some of the simplest ways that you can use to pair a wired mic with a wireless or Bluetooth speaker.

In this article, I have tried to cover all possible ways to connect different types of microphones with Bluetooth or wireless speakers. Let discuss them one by one.

How To Connect Wired Microphone To Bluetooth Speaker?

 As we have already informed you guys that a wired mic uses analog signals.

Since you want to connect it to a Bluetooth or wireless speaker you must know that such a kind of speaker uses digital signals just like a wireless microphone.

So, to make a wireless speaker work with a wired microphone you will need an analog to digital converter (ADC).

The function of this convertor will be to convert digital signals into analog signals and vice versa.

So, when the Bluetooth speaker will send an audio file, before reaching the amplifier of the mic this audio which would be in digital format will be converted by the ADC into analog signals for the wired microphone.

There are other various ways that you can make use to connect a wired microphone to a Bluetooth/ wireless speaker. Some of a few effective ones are given below.

USB connectivity

One way to connect your microphone to Bluetooth or wireless speaker is to use a portable device with an input option such as a USB.

You can connect your microphone with the help of a wire to this USB and your Bluetooth or wireless speaker can be paired with the USB digitally.

Now this USB will help to convert the analog signals to digital ones and digital ones to analog signals.

You can also use a wired USB cable for this purpose this will work in the same way as the portable USB device and will facilitate the working of the mic with the speaker with absolute perfection.

XLR Connectivity

XLR stands for external line return and it’s a kind of external equipment that is used with microphones and other instruments.

It is an electrical device or a cable with three pins and a circular connector that basically allows the flow of electric current between the devices that are connected to it.

When connected to a microphone they help in delivering electrical signals to a distant device. It allows connection at both ends. You just need an amp or a preamp to make it work with a wireless speaker.

Make sure to use the right XLR cable that is compatible with both your mic and the speaker.

XLR Cable Types

Basically, there are four types of XLR cables available in the market. each is used for a different purpose so you have to be careful before buying them. These are;

How To Connect Bluetooth Microphone To Bluetooth Speaker?

You can’t directly connect a wireless microphone to Bluetooth or a wireless speaker.

So, for that you will be needing another device to facilitate the communication it can either be a computer or a USB device.

If you are using the computer you will still need to download an application or a system that will act as a connector or communicator between both devices.

Audacity is one such software that we will recommend you to download into your system it will allow both the Bluetooth devices to pair up with each other.

Instead of your computer or an app, you can also connect a wireless mic to Bluetooth or a wireless speaker with the aid of a mixer.

How To Connect Mobile Microphone to Bluetooth Speaker?

 To connect a mobile microphone let’s say that of an android phone you will need to understand that you cannot use the settings of your phone to directly pair it up with a Bluetooth or a wireless speaker.

In order to make it happen, you can use certain applications that will allow or act as a connector between both devices by receiving signals and converting them into the relevant understandable format or signals for both devices.

There are a few apps available on the google play store that can be easily downloaded such as; crowd mics, mic to speakers along various other apps.

You can check the ratings along with the reviews of these apps and can then easily decide which one you want to install.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Bluetooth is a modern technology that allows various devices such as computers, laptops, mobiles, and other smart devices to connect without any wires or a physical connector and even wi-fi to share or transfer data to each other at a fast speed and with efficiency.

The Bluetooth connectivity basically uses radio waves to communicate with other devices that are nearby.

To make a connection you first have to pair both the devices. One device might act as a host and the other as a receiver.

The only disadvantage of Bluetooth connectivity is that it is unable to connect to devices at a larger distance.

How To Connect Lavalier Microphone To Bluetooth Speaker?

There are two types of lavalier microphones that you will find in the market; wired and wireless.

However, to connect both types of lavalier microphones the best method is to use Bluetooth technology.

In case you have a wireless lavalier then to connect it to the Bluetooth speaker all you have to do is to connect the mic’s recover with the emitter of the Bluetooth and then pair it with the speaker.

For a wired lavalier, you will need a preamp in order to connect the mic with the speaker.

First, pair the preamp with the mic and then connect the mic preamp with the Bluetooth emitter and you are ready to go.

You can use a mixing table of a small size to control the volume of the mic by connecting it with your microphone.

How To Connect Bietrun Microphone to Bluetooth Speaker?

Bietrun is a wireless headset microphone so in order to connect it with a Bluetooth or a wireless speaker you can use Bluetooth connectivity as a connector between both devices.

Or you can use your computer or mobile for this purpose. All you have to do is download certain apps or software that will allow the connection between both devices.

How To Connect Bonaok Karaoke Microphone To Bluetooth Speaker?

 Bonaok is a microphone used for karaoke. To connect your bonaok karaoke microphone with a wireless speaker you can use an XLR cable.

Connect one end of this three-pin connector with the microphone and the other end of the cable with the Bluetooth or wireless speaker.

You can also connect your bonaok karaoke with the mobile and then pair it with the speaker.

For connecting it with your mobile either iPhone or Android you can download an app called bonaok karaoke microphone which will facilitate the connection between your mic and the Bluetooth speaker.

How To Connect Pop Solo microphone to Bluetooth Speaker?

The pop solo microphone has built-in Bluetooth but you can not directly connect it with your Bluetooth or the wireless speaker.

You will next need a karaoke app. Then you can just directly connect your pop solo mic with your mobile phone with the help of Bluetooth.

Launch the app and make a connection with the wireless speaker.

The mic will directly send signals to your phone or computer which with the help of the app will carry them to the speaker and help you enjoy singing your favorite songs.

Can a Speaker Be Used As a Microphone?

Well, you cannot directly use a speaker as a microphone however you can convert your speaker to a microphone with the help of a certain mechanism.

You first need to understand the working of both the speaker and the microphone.

Both these devices use a diaphragm, also both use electrical signals and vibrations.

A speaker can actually catch the sound vibrations with the help of its diaphragm with a few modifications in its operations.


 Bluetooth technology is taking over the tech market these days. Advancement in research and technology is allowing to design of every kind of electronic device to operate on Bluetooth facilities such as microphones and speakers.

While pairing up your speakers with the wired mic you can try out various methods such as you can use a USB connector, an XLR cable or a mobile app, or even software since a Bluetooth or wireless speaker can’t be paired up directly with a wired microphone. However, there are various kinds of wireless microphones available for this purpose. 

All these microphones use a certain type of method to get paired with a wireless speaker.

We have tried to cover as many mics and their techniques that are used to pair them with a wireless or Bluetooth speaker. We hope this article was of some good use. Thank you for reading.

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