Best Microphones For Ham Radio | Top 9 Choices 2022

Ham radios are well-liked with hobbyists and urgent situation services.

Usually, most Ham radios are designed with their receivers. Nevertheless, you may make a great effort with the worth of sound the radio transmits, particularly if you bend towards buying a cheaper ham radio version.

Therefore, to solve this problem, you need to consider a good quality microphone which can enhance your sound and thus give you a good result. 

Now, if you people want to make your sound the best and improve the ham experience, you must get a good microphone for it.

For this, I have gathered all the top classic mics which are used with ham radio and will give you the best-sounding experience.

List of Top 3 Budget Microphones for Ham Radio


Kenwood KMC-21 Compact Speaker Microphone

Kenwood KMC-21 Compact Speaker Microphone
  • Connectivity: 2.5 mm Jack
  • Weight: 0.35 Pounds
  • Compatible with two-way radio

Ranger SRA-198 Ranger Cb Ham Radio Noise Canceling Mic 4 Pin Wired

Ranger SRA-198 Mic

  • Connectivity: 4 Pin cable
  • Weight: 0.75 Pounds
  • Noise Cancelling Feature

Original Baofeng Mic for Ham Radio Most Wanted Among Baofeng UV-5R Accessories. Shoulder Speaker Compatible with Baofeng bf-f8hp UV-5R UV-5R Plus UV-82 UV-82hp ​can be Used as Police Radio Mic

Baofeng Handheld Speaker Microphone for 

  • Connectivity: 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Weight: 0.180625
  • Best for Outdoor environment

1. Kenwood KMC-21 Compact Speaker Microphone

Kenwood KMC-21 Compact Speaker Microphone

The top best mic for ham radio is the Kenwood KMC-21 Compact Speaker Mic. This is often the most accurate mic for you to enhance your sound quality with ham radio.

The mic is portable and small in size. You can clip it with your clothes with quite ease and comfort. To protect it includes two windscreens. It also comes with a cord that is approximately 24 feet in length.

It works on batters and the package includes 2 batteries.

The second battery is included to be used as a backup which is quite amazing. It also comes with a chargeable USB cable.

You can transmit your voice over 15 miles of distance while using these mics. 

For the ease of the users, it comes with a pouch so one can easily carry it around.

The battery is made up of metal and is well protected. The mic quality is sturdy and quite solid. The cable is thin and soft and durable; it won’t be damaged in case it gets bent. 

It is an omnidirectional mic so there is no need to place it near your mouth. It is going to pick your voice from far away as well as long as you are in a quiet place.

If one is in a noisy place then we are afraid that this mic won’t be a good choice because of the multipolar pattern it is going to easily pick up the noise from the outside and surroundings. 

Features of Kenwood KMC-21 Microphone

  • Uses a multi-polar pattern.
  • This mic is quite good at rejecting any feedback noise or sounds.
  • Comes with an SR45 receiver.
  • Includes an adapter and requires one AA battery.
  • Don’t let the moisture damage the capsule with the help of its 4 moisture shields that provide greet protection.
  • Frequency ranges from 20Hz to 50KHz.
  • The sound range is 200 feet which are quite admirable
  • The battery life is affordable.
  • Can transmit your voice over 15 miles of distance.
  • The sound quality is amazing.
  • Very reliable and durable to use.
  • The system is simple to piece.
  • Wide coverage.
  • The battery charging time is too long.
  • You could experience some charging issues.

2. Ranger SRA-198 Ham Radio Microphone

Ranger SRA-198 Ranger Cb Ham Radio Noise Canceling Mic 4 Pin Wired  

Ranger SRA-198 mic is one of the famous mics used for ham radio. Ranger SRA-198 mic has been providing the best quality mics since 1966.

Their microphones are best for ham radio and also for streaming. Ranger SRA-198 mic is the most commonly endorsed XLR microphone.

This microphone is best suitable for ham radio as it gives you the best sounding experience. The Ranger SRA-198 mic looks and acts like a condenser amplifier.

A return to the brilliant period of ham radio, the Ranger SRA-198 mic takes all the best fundamentals of the set of experiences and consolidates them into another powerful receiver ideal for various purposes today.

Most receivers have one fundamental issue: intrinsic commotion. It regularly seems like a removed maker buzz; low murmurs like this result from a receiver’s recurrence go.

The Ranger SRA-198 mic has minimal self-commotion, so there is next to no foundation jitter, which grasses you with a clearer solid.

Intended for use with vocal voice, bass instruments, and guitar speakers, the Ranger SRA-198 mic is estimated inside and out of the mouthpiece.

From a sound point of view, the reaction is level, however not exhausting, and offers rich low-end sound for a dynamic mic.

Like most great receivers, the Ranger SRA-198 mic requires 40dB of addition to arrive at the line level. Without an expansion in power, the sound is quite good. You can deliver your voice over a long distance while using this mic. 

Features of Ranger SRA-198 Microphone

  • Mic provides excellent sound quality.
  • Mic has a cardioid polar pattern.
  • Offers the best frequency response, 18Hz to 18 kHz
  • Mic has a durable steel body.
  • The internal built pop filter prevents unwanted noises.
  • Light-weighted.
  • Portable product.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Connection method: XLR
  • Comes with additional accessories as a bottom ring and protective leather pouch
  • Provides a clear natural sound
  • Provides best frequency response
  • Lightweight
  • The internal pop filter reduces the undesired sound.
  • Comes with additional accessories
  • Relatively expensive product.

3. Baofeng Handheld Speaker Microphone

Original Baofeng Mic for Ham Radio Most Wanted Among Baofeng UV-5R Accessories. Shoulder Speaker Compatible with Baofeng bf-f8hp UV-5R UV-5R Plus UV-82 UV-82hp ​can be Used as Police Radio Mic

The BaoFeng Handheld speaker microphone is one of the top mics that provides high-quality sound and can be paired with all sorts of devices.

This mic is a well-suited ham radio microphone. The mic has a compact size and comes in black color.

The mic weighs 3.52 ounces and has dimensions of 5.04*2.95*1.85 inches. The best thing about this mic is its compact size that makes it unique and outstanding.

BaoFeng mic is designed elegantly with a space of 11mm between two pins. Besides the mic is equipped with a backside powerful clip and also with a reinforced cable.

The mic is not a very expensive mic and you can purchase it conveniently. Also, the mic has an easy setup to be used by different users.

Apart from this the mic is a multi-functional mic and can be used to fulfill various functions. Another best thing about the mic is its clear voice transmission.

Besides the mic is most famous in police and security personnel and can also be used for patrol duty and business activities.

So we highly recommend you to use this mic and get the best experiences with ham radio performances.

Features of BaoFeng Handheld Microphone

The top features of this mic are enlisted below:

  • The mic weighs 3.52 ounces.
  • Dimensions of 5.04*2.95*1.85 inches.
  • Comes in a compact size.
  • Space of 11mm between two pins.
  • The mic is equipped with a backside powerful clip and also a reinforced cable.
  • Versatile design.
  • Clear voice transmission.
  • Excellent sound quality.
  • Easy to use.
  • Can be used with multiple devices.
  • Comes with a user manual.
  • Cost-effective mic.
  • Messing and muffling of the mic is reported.

4. Yaesu MH-74A7A Waterproof Hand Speaker Microphone

Yaesu MH-74A7A Waterproof Hand Speaker Microphone w/Swivel Clip for VX-8DR - Yaesu USA Original

As the significant microphone type used in ham radios and recording studios, condenser microphones are the perfect choice for capturing lyrics and acoustic instruments.

The Yaesu MH-74A7A Waterproof Hand Speaker Microphone is ideal for capturing sounds and tools in a digital recording environment.

It brings studio-quality voiced to your transmission. Users of ham radio who tape music on systems now have a comfortable and reasonable mode to capture high-quality acoustic and voiced gadget performances.

It attributes a USB product for a plug-and-play style soundtrack with a laptop or computer.  

The USB product allows you to record with your desired software with no interface or preamps. This low sound condenser microphone contains a cardioid random pattern to decrease encompassing noise and feedback.

Features of Yaesu MH-74A7A Microphone

  • The Mid-diaphragm condenser mic with fitted USB boundary, great for podcasters and musical groups.
  • Can transmit your voice over 12 miles of distance.
  • Works directly with your Mac/computer; Low roam ASIO and WDM drivers for PC audio optimization included.
  • The flat frequency retort and ultra-high declaration are ideal for singing, audio instruments, etc.
  • The Cardioid sensor design for excellent noise source remoteness and reaction dismissal
  • The force hill sensor with a damping capsule.
  • Swivel bracket included.
  • The High-quality mechanism and sturdy construction with a cast metal body guarantee a long service life.
  • The sound quality is quite good.
  • Useful for eliminating background noise.
  • Multi-tasking mic.
  • Perfect as a primary and backup microphone for ham radio.
  • Complex to troubleshoot.
  • Low production volume.
  • Comes with a lack of clearness and compassion from better microphones.

5. Kenwood KMC-27 Microphone

Kenwood KMC-27 OEM MIL-SPEC Noise Canceling Mobile Mic TK690 TK790 TK890 TK5810

Kenwood KMC-27 is probably one of the finest-looking microphones that are less than the $500 price range.

It is used to give the best performance in the world of music and sounds fantastic especially in ham radio functions.

The Kenwood KMC-27 features additional accessories as well. It enables you to enhance your voice quality and thus makes your work easier by producing crystal clear sound.

Besides this, the digital mute switch of Kenwood KMC-27 is a stylish addition. You can now instantly mute your microphone with the push of a button, and a red LED lets you know when your microphone gets muted.

The sound signature is designed to capture voices perfectly, making it the perfect choice for various purposes. It also shows the best connectivity with Windows, Mac, Linux, and PS4.

Features of Kenwood KMC-27 Microphone

  • Dynamic microphone condenser that can handle multiple tasks at a time.
  • This unique mic has a frequency range of 20 Hz – 20 kHz to provide its users a “modern, crystal-clear sound.
  • This unique mic is equipped with a Cardioid Polar pattern and 50-ohm impedance.
  • Kenwood KMC-27 omnidirectional mic mode lets you refresh your stream audio.
  • It was quickly switching to unique noise reduction mode when doing interviews in noisy environments like a game or live broadcast outdoors.
  • It’s overall response is fast.
  • Provides an excellent loud volume.
  • Very durable and reliable.
  • Extensively well-matched with different devices
  • Sometimes it sounds louder and creates distortion.

 6. Yaesu Standard-Speaker Microphone SSM-17A

Yaesu Standard Speaker Microphone SSM-17A Replaces MH-34B4B

Yaesu Standard-Speaker Microphone SSM-17A is another standard in the modern industry, best used with ham radio.

This cardioid dynamic mic performs better than any condenser. Lots of people have been using it nowadays for different purposes.

Dynamic microphones, on the other hand, tend to be less sensitive. So, they can also be better at preventing p-pops from reaching your sounds.

Thus this mic provides the best sound quality. It is designed with a frequency response of 45Hz to 18 kHz.

The built-in pop filter eliminates all unwanted sounds and provides a clear and natural sound. It gives the best transitory response. 

Features of Yaesu SSM-17A Microphone 

  • Provides the best sound quality.
  • Offers the best frequency response: 45Hz to 18 kHz.
  • The built-in pop filter eliminates all unwanted sounds and provides a clear and natural sound.
  • Connection method: XLR
  • Professional quality dynamic cardioid microphone.
  • Ideal for ham radio recording, broadcasting, streaming, etc
  • Provides the best transitory response
  • Large Acoustalloy diaphragm and low-mass aluminium voice-coil 
  • Comes with additional accessories as a stand clamp, boom arm, XLR cable.
  • Provides a clear natural sound.
  • Offers the best frequency response.
  • The internal pop filter reduces unwanted sounds.
  • Comes with the additional accessories
  • Professional quality microphone.
  • Relatively expensive product

 7. Commountain Heavy Speaker Microphone

Mirkit Baofeng Accessories Set: Baofeng Battery BL-5L 3800mah with Baofeng USB Charging Cable Compatible with Baofeng UV- 5R MK2 MK3 MK4 MK5 BF-F8HP UV-5RX3 RD-5R UV-5RTP UV-5X3 by Mirkit Radio

The list of best mics for ham radio cannot be completed if we just neglect the Commountain Heavy speaker mic.

Commountain is a top-notch quality mic that can give you the best results. However, this mic is not under 50$, but this can likely impress you with its multiple features and additional accessories.

It has a maximum sound-level audio input jack. This extraordinary mic works with a Frequency response of 20Hz – 20 kHz with a soft-touch mute sensor, incredibly delivers excellent quality sound to anyone tuning in with convenient gain control adjustment.

Commountain comes with id-range vocals design patterns and a pro-sound recorder. It also works best when connected to instruments.

It also has a unique comfort for artists who don’t have to bulge their works. It needs phantom power to work best with ham radios.

Commountain is because of the Microphone with XLR-connectivity. It also has Headphone-output and a smoother frequency range.

This Microphone is widely used by ham radio functions, which produces ultra-sound quality merging and excellent sound recordings. It can transmit your voice clearly up to 12-15 miles of distance.

Features of Commountain Microphone

  • It has Anti-vibration support.
  • Frequency response of 20Hz to 20KHz.
  • Tap-to-Mute sensor with LED indicator
  • Four selectable polar diagrams.
  • Mounting adapter included
  • Convenient adjustment to gain control.
  • Very durable and reliable to use.
  • Produces crystal clear sound.
  • Extended battery reservation to work for a long time.
  • It can be easily customized with its compatible devices.
  • Led can’t be turned off.
  • No XLR-connectivity

8. BTECH QHM22 IP54 Rainproof Shoulder Speaker Microphone

BTECH QHM22 Platinum Series IP54 Rainproof Shoulder Speaker Mic for BaoFeng, BTECH, Kenwood Radios

Now move towards one more worthy mic used for ham radios. The gadget names BETECH QHM22 Platinum Series IP54 Rainproof Shoulder Speaker mic.

The mic belongs to BTECH brand which speaks for itself. This mic is designed elegantly and wisely with all the best features. What makes the mic extraordinary is that the mic is Waterproof.

This enables it to be the best choice for ham radios. The mic comes in black colour. The mic includes grave-duty stainless steel clips on its lapel.

You will get an amazing sound experience with this mic. Its features will enhance the quality of the voice and will help you a lot for effective ham radio functions.

Hence all its features and functions make it an extraordinary mic and the best choice for users. So we highly recommend this mic to use for ham radios.

Features of BETECH QHM22 Microphone

The top features of this mic are enlisted below:

  • The mic has dimensions of 5*3*2 inches.
  • Weighs only 4.8 ounces.
  • The product is available in a stylish black color.
  • Wireless Mic and suitable for ham radios.
  • Equipped with a bang resistant PVC casting.
  • The mic is a very reliable and durable mic.
  • Stylishly designed.
  • The mic is equipped with an easy setup.
  • Cost-effective mic.
  • This mic produces a crisp and clear sound.
  • Great for ham radios.
  • The mic is somehow heavy.

9. Neumann TLM 102 MT Condenser Microphone

Neumann Vocal Condenser Microphone, Black (TLM 102 MT)

Neumann TLM 102 MT Condenser Microphone is a rectangular-shaped device that has several buttons on it and each button has an LCD screen with a different label on it.

The device comes with a plastic stand on which you can place the stream deck. The size of this device is approximately 3.3 and a frequency response of 50Hz to 20kHz.

Working with ham radio, this mic comes with the Clip guard feature, which successfully limited the audio volume during the performance.

It is suitable for various functions and this outstanding mic gives the best sound. Apart from this, the versatile mic is designed with a lot of other extra features which makes it the best option for users of ham radio.

It is very light weighted and easy to carry from one place to another place. 

Features of Neumann TLM 102 MT Microphone

  • This microphone has a frequency range between 50Hz to 20kHz.
  • Compatible with both PC and Mac.
  • Figure 8 and its omnidirectional mode is worth to be used.
  • Does not utilize DSP.
  • You can select between three patterns. 
  • Provides the same results as blue yeti and rode microphones.
  • Offers three polar patterns: cardioid, bidirectional, unidirectional.
  • Provides clean signals.
  • Versatile design.
  • The sound quality is quite amazing. 
  • You can plug in any other instrument to be used with the Mic at the same time.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Does not include an adapter.
  • Bit noisy

Best Microphones For Ham Radio (Buyer’s Guide)

Before purchasing any microphone for ham radio, you must keep in mind some basic points.

  • Battery life

It is because ham radio microphones use batteries so you should check for the battery life before purchasing a microphone for ham radio.

  • Sound Isolation

A good microphone should be able to filter out unwanted sounds. It is especially crucial while using them for ham radio because they do produce a lot of noise.

For this, you should use mics with a cardioid polar pattern that does an adequate job of focusing on the instrument’s sound. 

  • Extra accessories

I will recommend purchasing those mics which are designed with extra accessories like stand, bag, USB connectivity, etc.

These types of additional features enable us to work more easily and also to perform multi-functions with them.

So whenever you are buying a mic for ham radio, must consider that it should be designed with extra features to make your work easy. 

  • Budget consideration in mind

The microphones for ham radio that I am going to list up here, ranging from $100 to $500. Some microphones come with all the additional accessories.

All of the products on the list are affordable and are of the best quality. You can choose any one of them according to your necessity and cut-rate.

The reason for mentioning the characteristics and pros and cons of the product is just for your ease. Otherwise, all the products are the best in quality and you can choose any of them that can fulfill your job requirements.

  • Distance

You need to get those mics that can deliver your voice over 2-18 miles of distance. Those mics will help you to work best in transmitting your voice while using ham radios.

To assist you to make the true decision, here are a few best Ham radio microphones that tend to deliver a grand sound quality. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

Bottom Line

The microphones that are included in the list have their unique features and function. Each microphone comes with a different price and unique qualities, and I can’t say which one is the preferable one because it’s tough to consider only one just the best.

The microphones that are recommended above are based on my research and study.

They all speak for themselves but if you ask for my recommendation so I will recommend you, people, to get;

1- Kenwood KMC-21 Compact Speaker Microphone,

2- Ranger SRA-198 Mic

3- Baofeng Handheld Speaker Microphones

because they are the most reasonable and well design products they contain multi-features and their quality of sound is unbeatable.

Now it solely depends on the reader or buyer to decide. You can choose the one for use after analyzing various factors like your budget, instrument, use, preferences.

I have just provided you with the characteristics, pros, and cons of each product to help you decide what products suit you the best.

If you don’t know about microphones and are looking for some suggestions, you’re in the right place. I hope this article increases your knowledge about microphones for ham radio and helps you decide which microphone is the best microphone for you.

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are the most genuine ham radio microphones to use?

Well, there are a lot of microphones well-suited for ham radio. But we will recommend you to try Kenwood, Ranger, Yaesu, and commountain brands. These are top-quality mics and work well to give users the best experience.

Despite this, these brands are designed with a low sensitivity range and the best battery life. So they can help you the most.

2. What is the need for getting a ham radio microphone?

As we all know that microphones are used to record sound and make a clear voice to enhance your sound. So you need to get a good microphone with ham radios because it will help you with the audio processing system and electronic amplifier.

3. Is it difficult to maintain and use ham radio mics?

The answer is No. You need not worry about the care or maintenance of ham radio mics. They are very easy to set up and use. You just need to plug them into the right jack of ham radios. After plugging on, you need to switch on the button and start your communication. 

As far as their care or maintenance is concerned, you just need to keep them away from water or other liquids because liquids can destroy them.

Also, clean them with a dry wipe. Use waterproof cables and also keep them away from dust and dirty places. The more you care for your ham radio mics, the longer they will work with you. 

4. Is it legal to use ham radio mics without a license?

If you use ham radio mics without their license, you have to pay a heavy fine. It is because your location can be traced when you are using ham radio mics. If you don’t have their license, then you have to face the music. So it is far better to use ham radio mics after making their license. 

5. What is the meaning of QRZ in ham radio mics?

You might have heard about QRZ in ham radio mics. This is a brevity code that means “who is calling me?” So you need to be well-aware of this code while using ham radio mics. 

6. What is the best distance up to which ham radio can transmit voice?

The best mic for ham radio can transmit voice over 2-18 miles of distance. Up to this distance, they can send your voice in premium quality. So you need to get those mics that can transmit signals over 2-18 miles of distance. 

7. What is the meaning of 5 and 9 in ham radio mics?

Digits 5 and 9 refer to the readability and strength of sound. 5 means readability and 9 means the strength of mics. So if your mics show 5 and 9 digits, it means that your mic is having good readability and strength and is capable enough to send your voice clearly over a distance.

8. Which mic is better to use for ham radios? Kenwood 27 or commountain heavy speaker mic?

Both the mics are perfect to use for ham radios but the Kenwood brand is the best option to use because they can transmit your voice clearly over a distance of 15 miles. Also, they are designed with long term batteries. So you need to get Kenwood mics for ham radios. 

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